THST 110a and THST 111b, Survey of Theater and Drama

Paradoxical as it may seem, the very reason why struck so many critics as being strange and new is that, in its thesis and its thought, it is as old as the world.

Classic theatre usually favours tense or comedic use of dramatic irony.

A dramatic monologue is a poem that shares many features with a speech from a play: one person speaks, and in that speech there are clues to his/her character, the character of the implied person or people that s/he is speaking to, the situation in which it is spoken and the story that has led to this situation.

Feminist Theories for Dramatic Criticism

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To modern audiences, Romeo and Juliet is a serious case of — and to be fair, Shakespeare makes it pretty clear from the beginning that this story isn't going to end well — but this scene is probably the biggest punch in the gut in a story rife with dramatic irony.

Social Dramas and Cultural Performances: All the …

The major consists of ten term courses beyond the introductory prerequisites (, ), one of which must be , Introduction to Performance Concepts. Students are encouraged to enroll in a balanced combination of courses involving studio work and courses with literature, history, and theory content. Of the ten required term courses, four must focus on dramatic literature or theater history. At least one of the four courses should include dramatic literature originating in a language other than English. Students are urged to read plays in the original languages whenever possible.

Postmodern Theater: A Manifestation of Chaos Theory?

The now infamous encounter captured by CNN on video was typical (as we soon learned) of Lewinsky’s efforts to put herself in Clinton’s sight line. This image stood for the entirety of their two-year affair—at once clandestine and very public, at once cloyingly sweet and unashamedly licentious. This “photo-shopped” version, one of only four other manipulated photos on the site, is a stroke of genius. Casting Clinton as the butt of a school-boy joke speaks to a very sophisticated critical apprehension of the social power attendant to hegemonic masculinity, its institutional performances by men who enact it, and the cracks in the façade opened wide by social critique.

Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance

The greatest critical treatises of the period were classic in tendency, and the two most important -- Sidney's and Jonson's -- are directed against current practices in playwriting.

1010–1055 CE) was an Indian king from the Paramara dynasty

Majors satisfy the senior project requirement in one of two ways. They may undertake a one-term senior project () or, with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies, they may take one of the dramatic literature or theater history courses, or a production seminar, as a senior seminar. Senior projects may take the form of directing, designing, or writing a play or musical, performing a role, choreographing a dance piece, or writing a critical essay. Performance-oriented projects are in addition to a senior essay, which is an integral requirement of .