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To date, the Internet Movie Database lists 515 film or television works in which the character Dracula has appeared since 1922. But this army of the undead really exists in two camps. The first we might call the standard Dracula, inspired by the 1931 Browning film, which focuses on a charismatic, reverse-aging Transylvanian count who insinuates himself into the West. The second is the Nosferatu story, which emphasizes the arrival of a traveler in Eastern Europe, where he encounters a sad, lonely, and spectral German or Slavic vampire. To be sure, Dracula movies often show a British lawyer arriving at Castle Dracula, and Nosferatu movies might involve the vampire’s voyage from his homeland. But the Dracula tradition generally represents the vampire as a trespasser, and worries most about the vampire’s contamination of a pure Western population. The Nosferatu strain, with its decaying castles and armies of rats, focuses on the vampire’s relationship to his forbidden visitors, stresses stagnation, and presents immortality as a gloomy, shadowy disease.

Sherlock Holmes matches wits with Dracula in the 1978 novel Sherlock Holmes vs

Dracula is the most popular horror movie character of all time. According to , Dracula is featured in 161 movies, as contrasted with the 2nd most popular horror movie character of all time, Frankenstein, who is only in 115 movies. So we thought it would be fun to make a list of some of the more notable Dracula movies ever made. Here are 60 Dracula movies; please note that we've linked to interesting on-topic blog posts on other bloggers' sites where possible. We like to support the blogging community that way.

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both set out to make a movie based on Bram Stoker's classic horror novel Dracula. Both of these two films, Nosferatu by Murnau and Dracula by Browning

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