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Information on the UN Database on Violence Against Women indicates that no evaluation of the women's police stations and women's complaint centres is known to have been undertaken (UN 28 Sept. 2009a). In a February 2007 report on domestic violence, Médecins du monde, an international humanitarian organization (n.d.), reported that in cases involving domestic violence, women's police stations tended to act as mediators between couples, instead of offering women protection (Médecins du monde Feb. 2007, 21).

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Oral sources: Attempts to contact the Ministry of Women Development – Government of Pakistan, Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid (LHRLA) in Karachi, AGHS Law Associates, and the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) in Lahore were unsuccessful. The Aurat Foundation did not provide information within the time constraints of this Response. A professor of religious studies at the University of Louisville and a professor of women's studies at Wilfred Laurier University were unable to provide information on this Response.

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The SMLC reports that women can stay at Dastak for three months, whereas the Edhi shelter does not have a limit on the duration of accommodations (ibid.). The report also indicates that staff at most shelters encourage women to reconcile with their partners, "because of the generally held view that women cannot survive without men in Pakistan" (ibid.). In the 2008 SMLC report, the Director of HRCP indicated that women cannot rent accommodations alone in Pakistan (Jan. 2008, Sec. 6.7.1). Médecins du monde similarly indicates that it is not socially acceptable for women to live alone in Pakistan; though the report also indicates that because it is easier to find employment in Lahore, a woman may be able to live independently there (Feb. 2007, 33).

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The Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Centers for Women offer shelter for 24 hours and then refer women to Darul Aman centres, which are provincially administered centres (UN 29 Sept. 2009b). The United States (US) Department of State's 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report states that there are 276 Darul Aman centres in Pakistan that offer medical treatment, skills training and legal assistance to women and children who are victims of violence (16 June 2009, 232). The SMLC report indicates that women can stay at the Darul Aman centres for a maximum of three months, though, in some instances, women are able to stay until their cases are resolved (Jan. 2008, Sec. 6.3).

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An evaluation of nine government-funded women's centres, called Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Centers for Women, was conducted from 12 June 2007 to 2 July 2007 by a government and NGO representative (Pakistan 12 June 2007-2 July 2007). The evaluation states that the centres have provided assistance to 8,000 survivors of violence; the services target impoverished women and are said to have saved a number of women from "life-threatening" circumstances (ibid.). However, the evaluation indicates that the initial goal to provide shelter to women in emergency situations has changed, with a higher percentage of women receiving counselling and legal aid, rather than shelter (ibid.). The report also indicates that Karachi did not have a temporary shelter, but that the centre in Islamabad offers exemplary shelter service (ibid.).

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Men are victims of domestic violence just as much as women are. However, it remains hidden because of the humiliation associated with it. After all, no man wants to be laughed at with the statement ‘biwi se pitta hai’. In society, men are seen as strong and valiant, so any claims of domestic violence against men are dismissed, but that is far from reality. Men are abused, victimised, and tormented. Men suffer in silence.

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The Secretary of the Ministry of Women Development's 2007 presentation stated that the government of Pakistan was expanding its network of women's centres and shelters at the district level; these centres and shelters provide legal support to female victims of violence (Pakistan 22 May 2007, 6). A 2008 article by the UN Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) states that the Ministry of Women Development runs 10 crisis centres located in major cities of Pakistan (11 Mar. 2008). The website of the Ministry of Women Development contains information on the Islamabad Women's Centre, which offers free legal aid and medical care (Pakistan n.d.). The Centre also offers accommodation, education and vocational skills training (ibid.). The website does not contain information on similar centres in Lahore or Karachi.