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In Judith Wallerstein's study of the effects of divorce on children, of the middle class sample, 13% of the children had dropped out of school all together.

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Although divorce is most often a traumatic and devastating experience for children during which their lives vastly change. It is sometimes the case that children actually benefit from divorce especially when the parents’ inability to get along creates an intensely hostile and tense environment to which the child was regularly exposed. Divorce may bring an end to that and instead create a more stable and nurturing environment for the child.

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Jessica is a woman of great empathy and has helped many children cope with the turmoil divorce creates in their lives.

If you and your partner are thinking about getting a divorce it is important that the both of you are aware of the potential short-term and long-term effects your actions may have on your child:

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For concerned parents, perhaps the most important thing to know is that you can do much to promote your children's resilience. In fact, how you parent and work with your children's other parent basically is going to determine whether your children are resilient — or end up as a statistic. I tell you how to do this — practically and emotionally — in . (See , if you are debating whether or not to divorce.)

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Generally, the effects of divorce on children are short term after which they fade once the child has had time to adjust to the new family situation and all the changes that have occurred. However, you should note that there are a small number of cases where the effects may be long term. The children of divorced parents may be more likely to:

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Sadly, she concludes that 60% of the divorce children in her study will fail to match the educational achievements of their fathers.These alarming statistics underscore the seriousness of the behavioral effects of divorce on our children.

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More importantly, a child who has learning difficulties and who has been surviving at school without proper identification and services will deteriorate quickly when divorce destroys his world.

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More than one child has gone undiagnosed for more than a year because the effects of divorce that masked the brewing disaster of dyslexia and a learning processing delay.