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The live show is a high-energy driven audio and visual experience intending to immerse the audience in a feeling of seeing and hearing the real band, while enjoying the more intimate nature of tribute band performances.

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After the Dave Matthews Band cruise, I was asked the same question: “Would you do it again.” Without hesitancy, I responded, “It was easily the best four days I have ever spent. I will go on the Dave Matthews Band cruise every single year!”

Sample Song List (over 70 DMB songs in their catalog)

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The Rockhal is proud to announce Sting at Open Air Belval on June 30th 2018. Following last year’s concert, the world-renowned musician is looking forward to performing at the unique site in the area. After much thought, consideration and planning, the breath-taking blast furnaces of Belval right across from the Rockhal proved to be the ideal location...

A Nightclub filled with Soulful House Music

“What happens when you take 10 Great Bands, two huge cruise ships, endless oceans, 8,000 music fans who like to party, unlimited booze, sunny days, balmy nights, bikinis everywhere, 24 hour music, pools, hot tubs, and put all of these things together for four days, culminating with a journey to a private island in the Bahamas to see Dave Matthews play?”

Lyrics to "Crash Into Me" song by Dave Matthews Band: ..

If you did not go on the cruise, I might be able to describe the experience. I might be able to show pictures that can paint a better story. Or I might just be able to ask one rhetorical question and you can imagine the experience:

Might be my all time favorite song

The band is also the only DMB Tribute to have a full time lead guitar player and keyboard player. This allows them to recreate versions of songs such as the Two Step from Central Park – which featured a keyboard solo, or one of the many new songs that is very lead-guitar driven such as Shake Me Like a Monkey. Together, this 7-member band with over 7 years of experience playing together puts on a show that will rival any tribute band on the market. The energy on stage, the musicianship of the players, the catalog of songs – all adds to the perfect Dave Matthews Band experience for your venue, festival, or event. Big Eyed Phish has performed as a headliner in front of thousands of people for festivals throughout the northeast, casinos in Atlantic City, ski resorts in Vermont and Maine, corporate parties for international corporations, private parties for graduates, and has packed venues across the north east. If you are looking for the closest thing you will find to a real Dave Matthews concert – look no further than Big Eyed Phish.

sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock, ..

Big Eyed Phish is the only Dave Matthews Band tribute that is able to recreate the full catalog of DMB songs with a musical lineup that is able to cover the band’s musician changes throughout the years! The band is lead by Brandon DePaul, a veteran when it comes to recreating the sounds of DMB. Brandon was the original lead singer and member of the nationally touring DMB Tribute called the Tripping Billies. The ‘Billies toured the country with extended gigs in cities like Las Vegas, L.A., Miami, and many more. Brandon has since recreated the band more in line with his vision of what would provide the most authentic “live Dave Matthews Band experience”. Fans leaving a Big Eyed Phish show do not feel as though they just sat and listened to a CD of the band – but instead feel as though they just attended a live Dave Matthews Band performance. Extended live jams, live-only intros and outros to songs, deep cuts that have only been heard live, and even some of the dance moves that Dave himself does – makes this band stand out above the rest.