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Granada TV show Up Front, hosted by and Lucy Meacock, held a debate between disgruntled Blackburn residents and ravers. When drugs were raised, Tommy Smith protested: "I don't need drugs, I'm high on hope!" The phrase "high on hope" entered the clubbers' lexicon and was widely used to market club nights.

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Nearly ten years ago, Abdulhadi organized the first techno nights in the West Bank, in Ramallah. Since then, her parties have spawned countless copycats, even if she remains the only one in her country who plays techno that is both martial and cerebral. Today, her little Palestinian city boasts a half dozen electro bars, as well as 15 DJs. ("Three of whom are women!" she says proudly.)

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But it wasn't nearly as cool as "Rave of Thrones"—the party thrown two nights ..

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Before classical, film, or techno, you spent a good amount of time in the Palestinian rap world as well.
Yes! I rapped, dude. I did dance battles. Breakdance was super hot at the time. The 2000s were the era of hip-hop, in Palestine anyway. That's when I played my first discs. Not long after, my brother came back from Jordan with two CDs. One was Tiësto, the other IIO. He told me, "You HAVE to listen to this." Immediately we organized a party, during which I only DJed those two albums. Well, I mean, I say "DJed," but back then it was more like push play/pause and fumble around with the fader. I had seen two or three guys play vinyl, but I didn't have a clue what real DJing was... And then, one thing led to another; I got into it more seriously. And people started raving together, other people started DJing and parties. Today, there are half a dozen places that host these parties in Ramallah. The city has about 15 DJs, three of them women! But you have to remember we're talking about a really small milieu. The biggest party in Palestine only brings in about 400 people tops. Nobody played techno before I started. And I'm still the only one who plays this particular type of techno.

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At the end of the night, ravers would pour out and continue partying in the streets outside. "We used to play Sympathy for the Devil as the last record, so people would be dancing in the fountains that used to be at the bottom of Centrepoint, going, 'Woo-woo, woo-woo!' laughs Holloway. "The police would just stand there confused and laughing; they didn't have a clue what was going on. They thought it was funny because they could see no one was hurting anyone." The Trip lasted only 10 weeks, but its legacy is much bigger than that. "I still get people saying, 'I met my wife at the Trip'; 'It changed my life'," says Holloway. "I remember standing in the club at its peak and thinking, 'It is never going to get better than this.' And it never did really, not for me."