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Author Stephen Coston notes--

"With respect to the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings, this doctrine was the principal force restraining the authority of the Popes in James' time and thereafter...[W]ithout the doctrine of the Divine Right, Roman Catholicism would have dominated history well beyond its current employment in the Dark Ages.

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(Some - but far from all - adherents of the Divine Right of Kings also maintained the principle of indefeasible hereditary right: i.e. the belief that while the legitimate heir to the crown is alive it is wrong to swear allegiance to any other ruler, even one actually in possession of power).

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God giues not Kings the style of Gods in vaine, For on his throne his Scepter do they swey: and as their subjects ought them to obey, Kings should feare and serve their god againIf then ye would enjoy a happie raigne, Obserue the Statutes of your Heauenly King; and from his lawe, make all your Lawes to spring: Since his Lieutenant heare ye should remaine, Reward the iust, be steadfast, true, and plaine: Represse the proud, maintaining ay the right, Walke alwaies so, as euer in his sightWho guardes the godly, plaging the prophane, And so ye shall in princely vertues shine.