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Institutions can use information from this survey to develop a better understanding of the extent to which their campus climate supports diversity and equity, and to inform and improve support, policies, and practices at their institution related to diversity and equity, including those to prevent or respond to discrimination and harassment.

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The presence of coethnic peers on campus had multiple influences on students. Students felt comforted by the company of people who came from similar backgrounds. Coethnic peers not only helped students feel like they belonged, but also served as role models, showing students that people from their ethnic group could succeed in college. They also encouraged students to become involved in ethnic student organizations and take ethnic studies classes. Students often reported evaluating themselves in relation to their coethnic peer group. When this self-evaluation was positive, it encouraged students to learn more about group history or language. When it was negative, students expressed feelings of ethnic inadequacy.

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Ortiz, A. M., and S. J. Santos. 2009. Ethnicity in college: Advancing theory and diversity practices on campus. Arlington, VA: Stylus.

Malkiel homes in on the processes through which single-sex colleges decided to change or remain the same, linking broad cultural shifts to institutional decision-making. Increasingly, young men wanted to live and study as undergraduates with young women. A strong motive for the men’s colleges to admit women was to avoid losing the competition for capable male students to their peers. At the same time, a still-lively male chauvinist piggery reigned, probably nowhere more than at Dartmouth of the colleges Malkiel studies. There, the toxic mash of hysteria, cruelty, insecurity, sexual braggadocio, and fear of women rendered gender diversity and equality tantamount to castration.

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In effect, inclusiveness is diversity that succeeds by tying and binding the members of an institution together without bondage. They share a moral equivalency. Moreover, inclusiveness models and encourages an honest enough, warm enough, empathetic enough mutual regard among the members of a community. No institution can legislate the pious affections of one for all and all for one, but it can issue credible promissory notes that the inclusive place will be a cheerfully secure place. Students will grow cognitively, morally, and psychologically. They will experience the enhancements of the giving and getting of respect. They will also prep for the contemporary global world. They will be both cosmopolitan and grounded. All this is in their self-interest.

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The Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education promotes — through programs and services — an academic, cultural and social environment that provides equity, social justice and academic success for all members of the De Anza College campus community. It supports the district and college missions, which consider diversity an essential component of student education in the 21st century.

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The research, educational experience and campus life at Carnegie Mellon are significantly enhanced when our faculty, staff and student body are diverse. Race, gender, religion, socio-economics, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, national origin and ethnicity are some of the many dimensions of diversity that we value. While all hiring decisions are made based on professional qualifications, we seek to achieve a diverse group of applicants for all of our positions.

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