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Mr. Ameen, I am currently involved in a research project which includes the topic of distracted driving. I found the statistics you provided here to be fascinating and I inquire, if it is at all possible, for you to provide the sources for said figures.

How safe is tuning a radio?: using the radio tuning task as a benchmark for distracted driving

February 8, 2017 at 4:01 pm
I really enjoyed this. I was surprised when I found out that 10% of adult admitted to texting a whole conversation while driving and 20% of teens did as well. I go a lot of facts from this and will hopefully do good on my research paper.

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18/07/2009 · Research shows the dangers of distracted driving. But drivers increasingly talk and text, and state legislators have done almost nothing about it.

Estimates based on cell-phone records indicate that cell-phone use among all drivers increases the risk of a crash by a factor of 4. Likewise, simulator studies involving adolescent drivers indicate that texting while driving increases the frequency of deviations in a lane relative to the position from the centerline. Adolescents who were using a cell phone on a test track were more likely than experienced adult drivers who were using a cell phone to enter an intersection at a red or yellow light. Simulation and test-track research on distraction among experienced drivers indicates that cell-phone use delays reaction to potential hazards, increases following distances, and decreases the driver's visual scanning of the environment. Performance of a secondary task can increase the risk of a crash because it is cognitively demanding (preventing the driver from devoting full attention to driving) and because it takes the driver's eyes off the road ahead so that he or she cannot see and respond to unexpected hazards.