- U.S. Catholic Bishops Pastoral Letter on Racism, 1979 |

- In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail, Christian Churches Together, one of the largest ecumenical organizations in the U.S., offered a response and created a Study Guide to facilitate reflection either for groups or individuals. The webpage for this important document also has an additional introduction for Catholics to the Study Guide and an introductory letter from Bishop Madden and Bishop Flores.

 - We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight: The Church's Response to Racism in the Years Following

The great butlers are great by virtue of their ability to inhabit their professional role and inhabit it to the utmost; they will not be shaken out by external events, however surprising, alarming or vexing.

, a statement of the U.S. Catholic bishops (Nov. 14, 1958)

They wear their professionalism as a decent gentleman will wear his suit: he will not let ruffians or circumstance tear it off him in the public gaze; he will discard it when, and only when, he wills to do so, and this will invariably be when he is entirely alone.

Stevens doesn't mention that either.

For such persons, being a butler is like playing some pantomime role; a small push, a slight stumble, and the facade will drop off to reveal the actor underneath.

My father was unconscious and his face looked an oddly grey colour.

As we move westward with Stevens in Farraday's vintage Ford, we learn more and more about the price he has paid in striving for his lofty ideal of professional greatness.

But they ended up staying, and Mr.

- A Statement by the Administrative Board, National Catholic Welfare Conference (August 23, 1963) that reaffirms the U.S. Catholic bishops' official position against racial discrimination and segregation.

''I'm still a relatively young writer,'' said Mr.

In the years just after World War I, he tried in unofficial meetings to persuade English and European statesmen to amend the Treaty of Versailles because he felt it was too harsh on the Germans.

''I'm interested in how they come to terms with it.

- In 2001, several bishops brought together a series of essays on the perspective of the different cultural families and on racism in general. Their insight remains relevant today and still , collated in 2013, are available.


The key, he confidently insists, is dignity, which has to do with a butler's ability to ''inhabit'' his role ''to the utmost.''''Lesser butlers,'' Stevens muses, ''will abandon their professional being for the private one at the least provocation.


Darlington's crusade was based on time-honored British notions of decency and fair play: after you defeat an opponent you do not treat him as if he were a scoundrel.