The emergence of gender differences indepression during adolescence.

One of the answers that lead to the cause of depression would be a person's interpersonal relationship with their surroundings and the people around them.

Another biological cause of depression is in cases of hormonal abnormalities.
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Sometimes, there may be no clear reason for your depression but, whatever the original cause, identifying what may affect how you feel and the things that are likely to trigger depression is an important first step.

17. Provide a differential diagnosis of depressive disorders.

Even with all the studies conducted, there is still not much to regarding the causes of depression.
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Nolen-Hoeksema, she advances her own theory: that men and women respond to depressing life events differently, and that whereas men tend to cut off the depression before it ramifies, women tend to remain focused on their depressed mood in ways that prolong its duration and extend its impact. In another study, Zamarripa, Wampold, and Gregory (2003) proposed to investigate the generality of the gender role conflict constructs (success, power, and competition; restrictive emotionality; restricted affection between men; and conflicts between work and family) to women in terms of the presence of the conflict in men and in terms of the relation of the constructs to the mental health of women.

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Depression is a topic that has far-reaching effects, and obviously I was not able to cover each and every consequences of the disorder.Haimowitz brought up the notion of shared and nonshared environment and the impact of genetics on depression.

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This commentary is by no means an attempt to start a gender battle but is an honest look at certain points in which faulty assumptions were made by the author to support her arguments. Near the end of her discussion on biological differences, the author casually explained that women were more aware of their surroundings and therefore were more prone to feel depressed around other depressed individuals.

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Therefore, the life events for women and men vary across the board; there is no way to possibly detect what exactly causes the large difference in susceptibility of depression.

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A more thorough study of these social networks may someday reveal further intricacies of the effects of these familial and social networks on depressed individuals.

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Thus resulting in a probable cause of susceptibility.The noting of widespread gender differences in rates of depression now dates back two decades, with women consistently reported as having a twofold lifetime prevalence of depression, and a greater likelihood of seeking help for depression than men (Wilhelm & Roy, 2002).