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If each human soul alone is responsible to God for the discharge of its duty, then no human authority has a right to come between that soul and its God, and therefore, all interference with the faith and practice if man in matters of religion, whether that interference be from human government, parental authority, or religious teachers, under the name of priests, pastors, or what-not, is a violation of the sacred rights of conscience, and not to be tolerated.

The universal church is made up of all believers in Jesus Christ worldwide.

And, strange as it may seem to others, - several Pedobaptist churches have expressed their surprise to me at the fact—we have never felt the need of authorized standards and confessions of faith to preserve our unity and secure us from division and heresy.

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The church is the church even when it is not holding an official meeting.

May God help us to understand the difference between RELIGION and true CHRISTIANITY as set forth in the Word of God, the Holy Bible.The following chart may be helpful:

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Whatever in not in that book is only of human origin and is not binding upon man’s hearts and consciences; therefore, we stand upon a foundation of solid rock when we take that book as our only rule of faith and practice.

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To this question we have but one reply: “The New Testament is our rule of faith and practice; we have no creed, confession of faith, book of discipline, book of common prayer or book of church law but this.” If other denominations reply to this answer—”We, too, take the Bible for our guide, but we also have authorized confessions, creeds and formularies, which have been prepared by our wisest men and adopted by our highest ecclesiastical tribunals, and to a greater or less degree all our members subscribe to and are governed by them.

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If several churches understand the Scriptures in the same way, and adopt the same confessions of faith, then they simply say thereby that they understand God’s Word as teaching the same truths, and they adopt them because the believe they accord with the Holy Scriptures, and not because any tribunal other than themselves has given such interpretation to the Scriptures.

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Nothing short of the truth of revelation, the authoritative force of God’s word, rising above mere prejudice, or passion, or caprice, can justify a distinct church organization.”

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Authorized standards, enforced with pains and penalties of the most fearful kind, have not secured uniformity of faith to the Church of Rome, nor protected this great hierarchy from heresy and schism.