Why did they establish a Nazi totalitarian state in ..

The Nazi Party did have as its intention the creation of what we would see as a totalitarian dictatorship, but the important question is how far they achieved this goal....

To What Extent Did Nazi Germany Establish a Totalitarian State in the ..
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One element that did remain constant in party-state relations, however, and which distinguished the Nazi Party from that of its other totalitarian counterparts, was an ideology that emphasized the significance of race.

Was Nazi Germany a totalitarian state

To what extent, and by what means, did Hitler create a totalitarian regime? After consolidating his power, Hitler sought to make Germany a nation a totalitarian state in which the one-party Nazi structure had absolute …
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It is only now that Germans are coming to terms with their history. As Nikolaus Wachmann, lecturer in modern history at the University of Sheffield, put it "Some early works after the war portrayed Nazi Germany as a strictly regimented totalitarian society, with the population cowed into total submission by an omnipotent terror apparatus. ... [The fact is] Nazi repression was very selective and did not touch the great majority of the population until the lasts months of the war."