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When Isaac finally does arrive, his mother, Sarah, turns against Hagar, the mother of Abraham’s first son, Ishmael. While Hagar’s devotion is often overlooked in this story cycle, she is the forerunner of all biblical women who appeal directly to God after the men in their lives have abandoned, betrayed, or consigned them to death. Hagar’s single-hearted desert prayer not only saves her son’s life but also brings her face-to-face with God.

Are we not called into a consecrated relationship characterized by fidelity and devotion in love?

If Moses embodies engaged devotion to God in the Old Testament, Jesus is the embodiment of that devotion in the New Testament. God calls Mary’s son to a singular purpose, and he responds by donating himself wholly to that purpose. His devotion is not merely spiritual but also physical, emotional, intellectual, and relational. From his devil-wrestling days in the wilderness, through his boundary-breaking ministry, to his self-emptying death on the cross, he holds nothing back. Those who despair of following such an example may still look to the outspokenness of Peter, the zealousness of Paul, the studiousness of Mary, or the servant-mindedness of her sister, Martha, for New Testament models of devotion to God.

The Love of Devotion – Donna Goddard

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The fronted conjunction 'But' shows that Othello unfortunately, has a fatal flaw of being very open with those he thinks he can trust on face value alone/ Othello's devotion and love to Desdemona in Act 1 could lead him to becoming jealous very easily of his wife....