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In its absence, not only did we see the riots and slaughters of 1947-1948, but we subsequently have had several wars and now a nuclear stand-off between India and Pakistan -- a Pakistan which has generally been subject to military dicatorships in its history, and now to Islamic radicals and fundamentalism (from people the British were already calling the "Hindustan fanatics").

2007 to bring a new dawn to people of Pakistan of hope, prosperity and democracy.
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He said a debate should be held in the assembly on PML-N’s role in country’s politics but a ‘grand dialogue’ in the parliament is not an option.

Bilawal claimed that his party was still not stepping back from the Charter of Democracy, and asserted that PPP will make the next government.

Democracy and Dictatorship in Pakistan by Hasan Gardezi

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This is an explosive situation, where American and Afghan forces do not like respecting a Pakistani sanctuary for these people, but where Musharraf is in danger of losing more popular support, as he has already, by moving forcefully against the radicals, or countenancing the Americans to do so.