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In theory that sounds great, but in reality the vast majority of women are turned on by the man taking the lead and acting with boldness. When they assume that role it feels masculine to them, greatly diminishing attraction. I see it more as a “dance” than a “game”, actually.

“So then, how exactly has the dynamic between men and women been ‘soiled’ over time?”
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Interesting, the difference between staring and noticing as you mentioned Scot. My question is: Is a man being disrespectful if he “stares” at other women when he is with his wife/girlfriend? Noticing is one thing and both men and women do this naturally, but I am speaking of actually staring…interested in your opinion on how you view this coming from a man as a relationship coach.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between Men and Women.

So then, how exactly has the dynamic between men and women been “soiled” over time? Is that all women’s fault in general?
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“We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.”
~Robin Morgan, from Sisterhood Is Powerful (ed.), 1970, p. 537

Or do you prefer yours to have hair in all the right places?

If it turns out that we’ve had several relationships go south because different women did the same damn thing to us, if we’re always on the losing end of some loop that keeps repeating itself in our lives and it really hasn’t been our fault, than it can be worth asking why we’re attracted to a particular female personality.

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So yeah, all of us who have good friendships with other guys know the fun those bring, as well as the help and other benefits those bring. They have an important place in any man’s life. But just as our friendships with other guys are different from friendships we have with women. (real friendships with the latter, not the friend trapping and so on where being friends is less than what we’re really after) I can’t imagine getting the same bond and the same rewards with the guy who’ll be the best man at your wedding as you do with the woman who may in time be your bride.

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Well unfortunately many women these days have very Severe Mental Issues which they do need help very badly before their Condition gets any worse. And the reason why i said this is that about a few months ago which i was very Attracted to this woman that i really wanted to meet when she Cursed at me for No Reason at all when i said Hello to her which that really Shocked the hell out of me how much of a Low Life Pathetic Loser that she turned out to be. Now when you compare the women of today to the women of years ago which was quite a difference that Most of the women in those days that had much Good Manors, Good Personality, and much more Easy to meet at that time which came very Easy for our family members that were very Blessed to be born at such a better time compared to today. Today Most of the women out there have certainly Changed for the Worst of all which certainly explains why there are so many of us Good men out there that were Never married because of these type of women that are now out there unfortunately. A friend that i know had a woman Curse at him as well last year which now i really realize how many women nowadays that are complete Psychopaths which makes very Scary for many of us innocent men.

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On the topic of seeming predatory. I definitely see this at Work. We’ve had company parties and what not trying to get more cohesion between the departments (I’m in software development).