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It is not well-focused (hypofocus) and may result in causing circular thinking and worry. With four groups of emotions contain four emotions each, we have a total of sixteen emotions or 256 possible combinations. Combined with different energy levels and simultaneous emotions, the result is a huge spectrum of emotions.

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Provide them with a list of words, and they will write a prediction paragraph about the text.

Before reading chapter28 of To Kill a Mockingbird, students may be given these words:
dark afraid trembled kitchen knife reeling dying "run!" jerk backwards useless kicking dead

Watch these 2 videos and consider what they mean to us (related to our concept of encouraging students to read deeply.)
We remember:
10% of what we read
20% of what we hear
30% of what we see
50% of what we both see and hear
70% of what we talk about with others.
What are some of our challenges with group work?
What do you think Gallagher means by "no hitchhikers?"
Building Effective Groups
size matters
time & task
specific roles
The smaller the better--3 is great
In groups of 5 or 6, students can find places to hide
Mix up partners (appointment clocks)
Before starting the task, be sure they understand it
Set a time limit
Don't give them TOO much time.

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Brad Skelton Depth Industries Antonov was established in 1946 as a top secret top-secret Soviet aviation design and research bureau Bloom's taxonomy is a set of three hierarchical models used to classify educational learning objectives deeper levels of thinking into levels of complexity and specificity A Roadmap to Successful Implementation.

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What can we do to change that??
Alternate Response Formats
white boards
choral response
thumbs up/
thumbs down
hand signals
Student Interaction
numbered heads together
data on display
interview design
fishbowl discussion
say-it-in-a word
Strategies for Student Generated Questions
Let's do a gallery walk.

Place a sticker by the top 3 activities that you think you could use in the classroom.
Do a swap talk
Four Square Share
Questioning Activity:
In groups of 3, fully read the directions on the other side.

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Some schemas are also linked to rules and predictable patterns that we have learned. Students can develop schemata for the tests a certain teacher gives, because she always gives the same type of test. This helps a student to know how to study for the test because he knows the kinds of questions the teacher is going to ask. A schema does not always follow a pattern or a rule, however, due to exceptions or irregularities. For example, students may think that they have mastered a spelling or grammar rule only to have the teacher give an exception to the rule. On the whole, however, using a schema or pattern is a way to make helpful predictions.

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Social thinking is also required to write an effective essay. We use social thinking to make sure our arguments make sense to our audience by taking the perspective of the reader and considering what a person may already know or not know about the topic. We must also take the reader’s perspective to consider how to organize the information so it will be logical for the reader to follow. If a student struggles with social thinking, he or she will have difficulty understanding the perspective of the audience and will therefore have trouble writing a persuasive essay that is well organized and easily understood by others.

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What do you want students to be able to know or do?
Engage Students at Varied & Appropriate Cognitive Levels (DOK or taxonomies)
Norms to Create a Culture for Thinking and Learning
purposes of questioning
wait times
Wait Times
Studies show that about 25% of students do not participate in class at all, and 15% dominate class interactions.