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Mount Everest is officially considered to be one of the most polluted mountains in the world because of the lack of infrastructure and a strong influx of tourist garbage, ranging from simple packages of food and ending with oxygen cylinders and old equipment that are all stored and accumulated for decades on this sacred mountain for the local community.

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Over 200 people are believed to have died while trying to climb Mt. Everest. The causes of death are different for everyone. Some climbers fall to their death, while others die of asphyxiation caused by low oxygen levels, avalanches and falling rocks…It should be noted that many of these people have died doing what they are passionate about and not many people on thisplanet will have that luxury. These photos show death frozen in time and preserved by Mother Nature.

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Talking about the Everest massif, it consists of several separate peaks, such as Changtse, which is 7,580 m (24,870 feet) high, Nuptse, which its 7,855 m (58,772 feet) and Lhotse being 8,516 m or 27,940 feet high. It was extremely challenging to measure the exact height of the mountain, since there were devices, called theodolites, which weight over 500 kg (1,100 pounds), which required 10 to 15 men to carry it. They have conducted multiple attempts to measure the exact height of Everest, and thus finally came up with the adequate measurement of the Everest height only in 1949.

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The highest mountain in the world was originally discovered by George Everest, who used to be the Surveyor India General, in 1841. Since then, the official name, which was given of the highest peak on the Earth, is taken after his own. This name was provided only in 1865, as there were miscellaneous local names of this impressive peak, but the highest mountain, in fact, needed to have one name, recognized internationally. Andrew Waugh was the one who insisted on giving the name of his predecessor on the high post in India to the mountain that he reported to be the highest.

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Many readers are now outraged: "Such a rip off!" But on the other hand, think for yourself. Even at these prices on the slopes are more than 200 dead and there are dozens of tons of garbage. Imagine what would happen if this fee was not in place. The number of climbers would increase dramatically, and Everest would be something in between a dump and a morgue.

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Imagine that you live in a world where there is no Mount Everest, it's still undiscovered and in school your teacher tells you that the highest mountain is something called Kangchenjunga, or Dhaulagiri, for example. But even in XX century society was sure that the highest point on our planet was everything but Everest. Only in 1852 was Mount Everest confirmed to be the highest mountain in the world. The height of the mountain is 8,848 meters above sea level, and it annually increases by about 4 millimeters, due to plate motion. Furthermore, earthquakes in Nepal can move Mount Everest and even change its height. And modern scientists continue to prove that neither China's nor Nepal's measurements of the mountain are true. Chomolungma continues to grow. Continental plates are not standing still, and instead they constantly push Everest higher.

Death in the clouds: The problem with Everest’s 200+ bodies

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal on April 25 caused the Chinese to close Everest in mid season resulting in no summits from the Tibet side in the Spring of 2015. The Chinese have been diligent to remove visible dead bodies from the Northeast Ridge route since 2012 including Tsewang Paljor, aka "Green Boots" at 8500 meters.