The Danger of Power Pulleys & Understanding the Harmonic Damper

The popular method for making power pulleys on E36 engines is by removing the harmonic damper and replacing it with a lightweight alloy assembly. This is a very dangerous product because this damper is essential to the longevity of an engine. The substitution of this part often results in severe engine damage.
It is also important to understand that while the engine in a BMW is designed by a team of qualified engineers, these power pulleys are created and installed by people who do not understand some very important principles of physics. I would first like to give a brief explanation of these principles which are critical to the proper operation of an engine.

Severe storms pose a variety of hazards, such as potential electrocution from downed power lines

The dangers are real my friend, and they’re continuously unfolding, slowly increasing momentum. It’s only a matter of time (and more research studies) until the facts become established and generally accepted. But let’s not allow these dangers to catch us off guard. Let’s explore some practical things YOU can do to minimize exposure to EMF.

Why are power lines so dangerous? - Slate Magazine

14/02/2018 · Severe storms pose a variety of hazards, such as potential electrocution from downed power lines

If the RPM remains at or near one of the major criticals for any length of time, fatigue failure of the crankshaft is probable. Major critical RPM’s are dangerous, and either must be avoided or properly damped. Additionally, smaller but still serious problems can result from an undamped crankshaft. The oscillation of the crankshaft at a major critical speed will commonly sheer the front crank pulley and the flywheel from the crankshaft. I have witnessed front pulley hub keys being sheered, flywheels coming loose, and clutch covers coming apart. These failures have often required crankshaft and/or gearbox replacement.

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There’s much confusion as to whether EMFs can cause adverse effects on our health. First, let’s see where the confusion lies. Most of us know that short-term exposure to EMFs at levels similar to the ones we encounter around us, don’t cause any observable adverse health effects. If you’re exposed to high levels in a short time span, the chances of them having an adverse effect on your health is increased. Lucky for us, such high levels are usually monitored by local and international agencies together with the implementation of certain guidelines. This means that we can only get exposed under special situations (like at work). So where do you think the problem lies, dear reader?

The problem lies in the long-term exposure (chronic exposure) to EMFs at low-levels. This happens every day with things that surround us. Devices like microwaves, cellular phones and others, have EMFs we’re continuously exposed to. Do they really pose a threat? Are the dangers for real?