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"The SPP will, in joint effort with the Supreme People's Court and the Ministry of Public Security, formulate legal interpretations and guidelines. Relevant training will be strengthened to cultivate professionals in cyber crime," Wang said.

From criminal, to civil, to corporate, there are many different types of crime.
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He said: "The ONS field trial between May and August on experiences of fraud and cyber crime demonstrates how use of new technology and the internet is changing the nature of crime in the UK.

"We have seen more and more forms of cyber crime, ..

More than half of fraud and cyber crime victims suffered financial loss, the survey found.
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"Cyber crime exemplifies how the demands on the police service are both changing and increasing at a time when budgets continue to be placed under significant pressure."

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts cybercrime damages …

The first estimates of the scale of fraud and cyber offences show how the internet is "changing the nature of crime" in the UK, a senior police officer said.

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"We have seen more and more forms of cyber crime, including cyber attacks, cyber fraud, cyber pornography, cyber gambling and so on. And crimes of infringement of personal information, online rumor-spreading, cyber blackmail, cyber terrorism and selling drugs online keep rising," Wang said.

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One advantage of the is that it collects information on incidents that may not have been reported to police. In 2009, the latest year of available statistics, it was estimated that about of all criminal victimizations were not reported to police. Conversely, the is limited to eight crime types and relies upon respondents to accurately recall and report events. For further information on the results from the 2009 , see "Criminal victimization in Canada, 2009" ().

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In addition to using police-reported data, crime can also be measured through the use of self-reported victimization surveys, such as the General Social Survey (GSS) on Victimization. Conducted every 5 years, the on Victimization asks Canadians 15 years and older about their experiences of victimization for 8 crime types: sexual assault, robbery, physical assault, theft of personal property, break and enter, theft of motor vehicles or their parts, theft of household property and vandalism.

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The figures also follow a warning from the National Crime Agency yesterday that millions of pounds have been drained from British bank accounts after cyber criminals unleashed a "particularly virulent" virus.