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She currently holds a secondary appointment in Critical Care Medicine, is a Nurse Scientist at Children’s Hospital Boston, and a Lecturer-Anesthesia at Harvard University.

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John Curley is the former host of King 5 TV's Evening Magazine, the highest-rated regionally produced TV show in the country. Honored with numerous regional Emmy Awards and the Edward R. Morrow Award for excellence in Journalism, it remains a favorite highlighting the people, places and events that make the Cascadia region so special.

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The fight appears to have begun, from Curley's description of the situation of the sun, about 2:30 or 3 o'clock p. m., and continued without intermission until nearly sunset. [Note: Curley is refering to the combined Reno and Custer fights here; Kill Eagle said the day's fighting went from "about noon... ."] The Indians had completely surrounded the command, leaving their horses in ravines well to the rear, themselves pressing forward to attack on foot. Confident in the great superiority of their numbers, they made several charges on all points of Custer's line; but the troops held their position firmly, and delivered a heavy fire, and every time drove them back. says the firing was more rapid than anything he had ever conceived of, being a continuous roll, like (as he expressed it),

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Emmy award-winning television host John Curley—after traveling the world for ABC and NBC—noticed a peculiar trait in people he interviewed for shows. As he reported on ordinary people overcoming extraordinary odds, John heard his subjects using the word "luck" at least twice during their interviews. In hundreds and hundreds of stories, the word luck kept showing up (right after family and God).

Curley's first story of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

Curley spent only 88 days there and never learned to spell Illinois. Other stops along the career track include Lancaster, PA; Springfield, VA; and Washington D.C. He picked up an Emmy for weather in 1993 and for interviewing and hosting in 1994. The zenith of his career was reached in 1995 when he was hired for Evening Magazine. John quickly became the most recognized local TV personality and was voted by the readers of Seattle Weekly as their favorite "TV Guy."

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Curley says the field was thickly strewn with the dead bodies of the Sioux who fell in the attack -- their number considerably more than the force of soldiers engaged. He is satisfied that their loss will exceed 300 killed, beside an immense number wounded. accomplished his escape by drawing his blanket about him in the manner of the Sioux, and passing through an interval which had been made in their line as they scattered over the field in their final charge. He says they must have seen him, as he was in plain view, but was probably mistaken by the Sioux for one of their own number or one of their allied Arapahoes or Cheyennes.

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Not a single survivor of Custer's command was found, and even up to the time General Terry made out his official report to it was supposed that the last soul had perished. But when the command returned to the Yellowstone they found there a Crow scout named "Curley," who, as verified by , rode out with Custer on that fatal day. He alone escaped, and his account of the battle we give below. It is interesting, as being the only story of the fight ever to be looked for from one who was an actual participant on Custer's side. Curley being, in all human probability the only survivor of his command: [Note: This is not true. Actually, there were four more Seventh Cavalry troopers who left Custer's command after Curley, and lived. See Bruce Brown's for more info.]