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2 HP IHC Famous, 2 HP Rock Island, 1 1/2 HP Sattley, 1 1/2 John
Deere, 1 HP Ideal, 5 HP Collis, 2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 HP Rock Island,
2 HP Jacobson, 1 HP IHC Mogul Jr., 1 1/2 HP United, 2 HP Sparta
Economy, 2 HP Stover CT, 1 1/2 HP Jaeger, 4 HP Cushman C, 1 HP IHC
Titan Jr., Briggs and Stratton FH, 1 1/4 HP Galloway Handy Andy, Maytag
Multi-Motor,4 HP Associated Four Mule Team, 1 3/4 HP Gilson, 1 1/2 HP
IHC 'M', 2 1/2 HP Associated Hired Man, 2 HP Dempster

2 1/2 HP Industrial Iron Works, 3 HP Industrial Iron Works,
5 HP Industrial Iron Works, 16 HP Industrial Iron Works,
20 HP Industrial Iron Works, 7 Hp Industrial Iron Works

Barker, Mckay 'Sunshine',
Ronaldson Tippit, 4.5 HP Bradford, Crossley, 6 HP Hornsby,
Barlow, H V McKay

2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Jack of all trades', Domestic side shaft,
1 1/2 HP Olds, Challenge 'Hourglass hopper', 1 HP IHC 'Famous',
Domestic side shaft mudpump, Olds air cooled, 1 3/4 HP Stickney,
5 HP Galloway, Union 'Giant', Emerson Brantingham, Galloway and John Deere,
Waterloo 'air cooled',2 HP IHC 'Famous',2 1/2 HP Industrial Iron Works,
2 HP Domestic, 2 HP John Lauson, IHC 'Mogul Jr.', 1 HP Brownwall,
Plunket Jr., Aermotor 'fluted hopper', Temple 'Master Workman',
12 HP Witte side shaft

10 HP Ronaldson and Tippett 'Austral', 2 HP Weber, 4 HP Buzacott,
Fuller and Johnson 'NA', Fuller and Johnson 'NB', 2 HP Christensen

Austral, Clayton and Shuttleworth, 75 HP National, 10 inch Ericsson,
James Martin, Monitor copy?, Roseberry pumper, Termaat and Monahan.

Richmond Standard, Miller sideshaft, Frisco standard, San FranciscoHercules,
1 HP Springfield model, Scotch Yoke steam engine, Gardner type 'O',Robinson,
Crossley sideshaft, 6 HP New Way, Ruston Hornsby, Crossley Bros.,5 HP Hornsby Akroid,
Messinger, Caldwell, White and Middleton side shaft, Columbus sideshaft, Doak side shaft,
Rumsey air cooled, Hagan, Independent Harvester side shaft, OldsGearless, Regan Vapor
engine, 12 - 14 HP Petter, 1 HP Hoosier, 2 HP Vaughn, 3 HP Geiser,3 HP Perkins, 6 HP Alamo,
2 HP Rumsey side shaft air cooled, Aermotor sausage hopper, 1 HPBluffton, Canada Producer
and Gas Engine, 2 1/2 HP Cook side shaft, 3 HP Domestic sideshaft,hopper cooled Domestic,
2 HP Field Brundage, Fuller and Johnson, Gemmer, Perkins side shaft,Cavanaugh and Darley
'Little Giant', Olds '5A', Perkins vertical side shaft, Root andVandervoort sideshaft, Samson,
Temple Pump, United States (inverted), Webster Improved Gas Engine(inverted), Rumsey side shaft.

Crossley gas engine and dynamo.

Crossley Brothers Ltd was originally founded in Manchester in 1866 by brothers Francis & William Crossley. Crossley Brothers had become involved with Otto & Langen of "atmospheric engine" fame and acquired their British patents in 1869. When in 7 years later, the Otto Silent Gas Engine was introduced, Crossley immediately commenced manufacture of their own horizontal slide-valve engine under licence.

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Crossley gas engine.

The more common horizontal enclosed engines were introduced around 1925, initially two models (1030 & 1050) being available, but the range expanded later (1040, 1060, etc). These are petrol/paraffin engines, usually hopper cooled, and were manufactured at the works of the Saunderson Tractor & Implement Co. Ltd. Of Bedford, after the site was acquired in 1923. Crossley had also acquired the shares of the Premier Gas Engine Co. of Nottingham in 1919.