Defining “honour”crimes and “honour” killings

Austin, Rapporteur, The Urgent Need to Combat So-called “Honour Crimes,” Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, 2009, ¶ C.I.1 & 2.)Great Britain:

Crimes of the Community: Honour-Based Violence in the UK. London: Centre for Social Cohesion, 2008.
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Nonetheless, it is also important that drafters of “honour” crimes legislation refrain from framing such crimes in a way that equates them with any particular culture or religion.

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Honour-based crimes, and conceptions of honour, can be located in pre-Islamic cultural practices.
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Notwithstanding this humane law of our ancient masters, we ordain, that a stake shall be driven through the corps of the offender, and his memory becomes infamous. We do all in our power to dishonour his family. We punish a son for having lost a father, and a widow because she is deprived of her husband. We even confiscate the effects of the deceased, and rob the living of that which is justly their due. This custom, with many others, is derived from our canon law, which denies Christian burial to those who are guilty of suicide, concluding thence, that it is not lawful to inherit on earth from one who hath himself no inheritance in heaven. The cannon law assures us, that Judas committed a greater crime in hanging himself, than in betraying Jesus Christ.

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Judges would often use section 302 of the Pakistani Criminal Code in honour killings which, prior to 1990, provided the defence of grave and sudden provocation and allowed considerable leeway in sentencing.


The author predicts that the changes made in the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2004, to further strengthen the law preventing honour killings will fail to effectively address the situation because of the penalties in the Act, a narrow definition of 'honour killings,' and the judiciary's recent interpretations of the grave and sudden provocation defence.

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But his story is almost unknown: he was shoved into obscurity by the enormity of his brother's crimes.

Now Albert Goering, who died in 1966, is being considered for an honour given to those who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.

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Further, although some argue that designation of “honour” crimes as a distinct form of violence masks the universal nature of violence against women and risks demonizing cultures in which such crimes are more prevalent, the recognition of “honour” crimes as a particular, contextually-informed type of violence against women rightly acknowledges the unique characteristics of such crimes (such as their premeditated and collective nature).

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