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Examining this controversial issue and delving into the difference between pre-meditated murder and capital punishment." data-tracking-container="true">

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Despite the fact that Bailey measured the impactof capital punishment in three distinct and different ways he could findno evidence that the death penalty had any effect on index felony crimerates.

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They argue that, in the USA at least, only a small minority of murderers are actually executed, and that imposition of capital punishment on a "capriciously selected random handful" of offenders does not amount to a consistent programme of retribution.

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It's argued that retribution is used in a unique way in the case of the death penalty. Crimes other than murder do not receive a punishment that mimics the crime - for example rapists are not punished by sexual assault, and people guilty of assault are not ceremonially beaten up.

were charged with murder and sent to San Quentin's death house.

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What is the difference between murder and capital murder?

Others argue that the retribution argument is flawed because the death penalty delivers a 'double punishment'; that of the execution and the preceding wait, and this is a mismatch to the crime.

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Issues pertaining to the execution methods, reasonability in the relationship of punishment to the crime, who receives the death penalty, and innocence have been discussed and researched in great lengths.

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The use of this punishment has helped to reduce crime and alter the minds of future criminals to deter them against committing heinous crimes such as murder, treason, espionage, terrorism and in some cases aggravated kidnapping.

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It's chilling to think how many innocents may have lost their lives at the hands of the US criminal justice system – when capital punishment was reinstated. Worse, according to the , there's no way to calculate how many were executed for crimes they didn't commit since courts typically won't consider claims of innocence when a defendant is dead. But with more than by DNA testing – 17 of whom served time on death row – it's impossible to not think about the others who fell through the cracks – especially when looking at a man who almost did.