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Every organization, be it a company, a corporate division, a university, a college, or an academic department, has both a , which is written for public consumption, and a , which dictates how the organization allocates resources and rewards performance. The two missions may be the same or different. The working definition of "quality" within an organization is determined primarily by the organization’s true mission. The concept of the true mission is needed to explain the principal differences between the industrial and academic cultures that are related to quality management.

His work involved visitingother companies and discussing methods of quality management.

Is a methodology for achieving new and better ideas Organisational Outcome A way of managing innovation which: Gives permission for all staff to contribute Is linked to organization’s priorities Results in new and valuable ideas What you need A process for innovation which is accessible to all PLUS Organisational development tools to integrate innovation Creativity and Innovation Creativity deals with the generation of ideas Innovation deals with the implementation of/

Walter Shewhart- The Grandfather of Total Quality Management.

Juranto Japan, to teach them the principles of quality management asthey rebuilt their economy.

Our recommendations for improving teaching quality finally come down to this. Instructors who wish to improve teaching in a course should consult the literature, see which instructional methods have been shown to work, and implement those with which they feel most comfortable. Total quality management need not enter the picture at all. An administration wishing to improve the quality of its instructional program should first make the necessary commitment to provide the necessary resources and incentives for faculty participation. Then, don’t talk about TQM—just do it.

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Describes work in progress to revise the strategic planning process of the SSM Health Care System using concepts from quality management such as hoshin planning.

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which is critical to successful marketing practice. Contents The basic questions Innovation management Inspiring innovators Software and innovation Practical innovation knowledge …and what to know about creativity “The business has…two basic functions: marketing and innovation “The business has…two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs” Peter Drucker Why innovate? Innovation is a crucial source of competitive advantage: Nokia, Intel, Sony/


It's just that in this era of Total Quality Management, a bottom-line fact of business life is that it makes financial sense to give newcomers a chance.

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