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The doings of Hun-Ahpu and Xbalanque, in Xibalba, may be regarded either as the Kiché account of the adventures of two veritable heroes in a new land, or as the visitation of divine beings to Hades for the express purpose of conquering death. But by the period of the formation of the myth it is probable that Xibalba had become confounded with the Place of the Dead, and was regarded as a fit theatre for the prodigies of craft and valour of the young hero-gods. The Kiché Hades had, in fact, evolved from the old northern home, exactly as had the Mexican Mictlan, which, although a subterranean locality, was also, and separately, a northern country. A complete Place of the Dead had been established, and the gods, to how their contempt of death, must descend thereto and emerge triumphant. The idea of metempsychosis was known to the American aboriginal mind. We Indians shall not for ever die; even the grains of corn we put under the earth grow up and

Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations by Joe R. Feagin, 2000.

The Kiché people at the time of their discovery, which was immediately subsequent to the fall of Mexico, had in part lost that culture which was characteristic of the Mayan race, the remnants of which have excited universal wonder in the ruins of the vast desert cities of Central America (1). At a period not far distant from the Conquest the once centralised Government of the Mayan peoples had been broken up into petty States and Confederacies, which in their character recall the city-states of mediæval Italy. In all probability the civilisation possessed by these peoples had been brought them by a race from Mexico called the Toltecs (2), who taught them the arts of building in stone and

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But now, thanks to a government study, there is even a more powerful way to show their real impact on tens of millions of White Americans.

The brilliant economist and author, whose pen name is Yggdrasil, has compiled the data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) (beginning 1979,and continuing) which was a massive study conducted for the U.S.