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Welcome to the new Altice. We are driven by a philosophy to always challenge ourselves. We question everything so that we can find the best way forward for our customers. In a world in which continuous innovation is the only way forward, we have invented our brand identity to redefine the vision we have for our customers -consumers, enterprises, and advertisers- and our people.

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The path is our vision of the world. We are building a technologically driven world that is seamless, where experience feels as natural and intuitive as thoughts. The world we are creating is fluid and designed to unlock the limitless potential of our customers and our people.

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But we’re also expressing an ambition. Our potential has “no limits”, because we are fearless innovators —bringing together the dreamers with the doers, to push the boundaries of human ingenuity. Altice exists to redefine our interpretation of what is possible.

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“Together”, of course, because combination is in our DNA; “Together”, as a global and multi local identity; America and Europe; technologies and talent; telecom, content and advertising; services and products. We unite our varied entities under a single name so that we can unite people: ours is a vision of a seamless and inclusive future.

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We reveal the new Altice through an integrated communication campaign that stages and plays with our logo and new identity. The creative direction is to follow the Altice path as the video opens with macro and surprising shots of the lines of the logo, animated through smooth, liquid movements and morphing effects. We follow them as a path and discover more of the new logo and more of the new Altice until the full logo is revealed. We then understand the full meaning of the new Altice, a joyful and surprising reveal: this path is “undividing” the world. It connects technology with content, fiber with entertainment, speed with talent, news with newsfeeds, America with Europe… This creative principle unifies our video, digital and print execution.