Who perform correctional counseling?

When he was promoted to secondary school, he joined the triad society in order to show off and seek protection Case study Conduct discussions with youth on plans for their lives, ideas and how to develop them, and solve problems
Help young offenders gain insight about themselves and their relationship with family, peers and community
Assist youth in processing their behavior and its consequences Duty of youth correctional counselor(extracted) Four sets of factor Application of Narrative Therapy In earlier stage… Which sentence or any approach do you think can encourage him to direct his behavior to the normal track?

To whom correctional counseling serve?

Chapter 1 Outline Introduction
Characteristics of clients
Current setting of correctional counseling in Hong Kong
Case studies and discussion
Counselors, social workers, psychologists, nurses, probation officers… Correctional counseling: Why do inmates need counseling?

Letters 21 days of remand What a youth correctional counselor do..

Current setting of correctional counseling in Hong Kong Prison (Correctional Services Department) Case Study 2 Institutional corrections Case Study 1 Conclusion
The offender’s pre-prison conditions
The offender’s in-prison conditions
The offender’s immediate post-prison experiences
Post-release integration experiences
(Sun, 2008) Reference Correctional Services Department (2012) Types of Institutions.