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Students seeking the B.B.A. degree in Finance must fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements in the same manner as other students. The courses listed below satisfy both degree requirements and Core Curriculum requirements; however, if these courses are taken to satisfy both requirements, then students may need to take additional courses in order to meet the minimum number of semester credit hours required for this degree.

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Everydecision made in a business has financial implications, and any decision thatinvolves the use of money is a corporate financial decision. Defined broadly,everything that a business does fits under the rubric of corporate finance. Itis, in fact, unfortunate that we even call the subject corporate finance,because it suggests to many observers a focus on how large corporations makefinancial decisions and seems to exclude small and private businesses from itspurview. A more appropriate title for this discipline would be

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6. The number of meetings of the Supervisory Board held in a face-to-face format has been increased.

Giventhe significance of this objective for both the development and theapplicability of corporate financial theory, it is important that we examine itmuch more carefully and address some of the very real concerns and criticismsit has garnered: It assumes that what stockholders do in their ownself-interest is also in the best interests of the firm, it is sometimesdependent on the existence of efficient markets, and it is often blind to thesocial costs associated with value maximization.

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Incorporate finance, we will use firmThefirm’s investments are generically termed assetsassetsin placegrowth assetsdebtequity

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Specific topics include, but are not limited to: Asset Pricing; Banking; Behavioral Finance; Buyouts; Capital Structure; CDS; Commodities; Contagion in Financial Markets; Corporate Governance; Corporate Restructuring; Cost of Bankruptcy; Credit Scoring Models; Cross Listing; Derivatives; Emerging Markets; Entrepreneurial and Start-up Financing; Executive Compensation; Financial Accounting; Financial Analysts; Financial Reporting; FinTech; FX Arbitrage; Investment Banking; IPOs; M&As; Macro Finance; Market Efficiency; Market Microstructure; Payout Policy; Portfolio Management; Real Options; Regulation; Risk Measurement; Scale-up Financing; Shipping Finance; Term Structure of Interest Rates; Trading Behavior; Valuation; and Volatility.


The Multinational Finance Society is offering special tutorial lectures for advanced finance doctoral students working on their dissertations.

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"Conditional conservatism: the case of goodwill impairments under-SFAS 142"

Jacob Thomas is the Williams Brothers Professor of Accounting and Finance at Yale School of Management. Professor Thomas focuses on the relation between accounting information and stock prices. Insights recently developed in this area that suggest fundamental links between accounting numbers and value form the basis of much of his recent teaching and research. He was actively involved in developing the core curriculum and has written cases and other teaching material for the courses he teaches on equity valuation and financial management. Differences between stock prices and fundamental value provide the basis for his examination of various stock trading strategies. Before joining the faculty at the Yale School of Management, he was the Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting and Finance at Columbia Business School.

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it is not too much deficult search some research papers with easy topic in journal of finance or corporate F and remove or add variables or change the conditions given in the paper e.g like impact of cpec on gdp, you can change it with impact of cpec on inflation……