This novel was written in the Victorian times, around the 1850s.

(Milton Brener states flatly thatNovel was not paid, and Brener's source is most likely NBC's [Brener, 179].)The importance of the truck lay in a theory advanced by Mark Lane -- that the truck resembledone seen in photographs taken in Dealey Plaza that fateful day.

From the author of a , a dazzling, profound novel about a small town with a big dream.

(Davis 350) In Dickens’ novels the setting helps the reader better understand the time period and the problems the people of London faced with the political and social structure in place at the time.

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-- and their public confrontations in August 1963therefore must have been staged.

On April 6, 1967, Assistant Attorney General FredVinson, Jr., replied, writing that "it would not be proper for us tocomment in a case pending in a state court." However, BobbyKennedy, as was his wont, would soon take things into his hands inhis own way, showing his personal solidarity with Sergio ArcachaSmith.On March 28, 1967, former Arcacha volunteer Layton Martens tried to get theFBI to intervene in Garrison's persecution of Arcacha, reminding the Bureau that"Senator Robert Kennedy had approved" Arcacha's activities in New Orleans, andwarning them that "Garrison may bring Senator Kennedy's name into the case."Martens reaffirmed his story to the House Select Committee on Assassinations in1978, and to Gus Russo in 1994. Both Arcacha and Martens took polygraphtests in 1967 and passed.

Just when things were their most bleak for Arcacha, he received atelephone call from Bobby Kennedy's secretary, Angela Novello.

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Itconcluded that there had been no relationship between Oswald and Bringuier and the DRE withthe exception of the confrontation over Oswald's distribution of pro-Castro literature" (HouseSelect Committee on Assassinations Final Report, 145).

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Producing a September 4, 1963, newspaper, he told Liebeler about Fernando Fernandez, theCastro spy who had been caught trying to infiltrate the MDC training camp.

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The novel is in the first person, autobiographical form, that it is Pip who looks back at his past life and recounts the event which led to the situation we find him in at the last chapter.

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Worthy of note is that the Canal Street confrontation with Bringuier and friends did not occur untilAugust 9, 1963 -- five days after his August 1 letter to V.

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This claim is ratherastounding in light of the fact that Jim Garrison himself was a personal friend, onetime lawpartner and future client of Guy Johnson's (Garrison, On the Trail of the Assassins, 1991 ed., 29fn.; New Orleans Times-Picayune, January 20, 1976; Jerry Shinley, Newsgroup post of May 26,1999).

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Considering that he creates such verbal execution performed by many of the female characters within the novel suggests that women were usually treated as equals, this not being the case.