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The game level is globally a bit weak (1650 ELO) but it may be very different between games.

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The only missing point is an "info" able to display the next moves analysed, very usefull to learn and progress and available for instance on the Novag Ruby.

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In reality, it includes some minor enhancements easy to identify on this model that has the old Scisys Owner's Manual and that indicates the différences: new timing of the game levels (including a mat research one) and under promotion made possible.

It seems to be a slower release of the Elite program.

The main required functions are available: take back on 6 half moves, beep sound at each move, display constrast tuning, game saved in memory when the game is switched off.

It's a nice design, not far from the constellations one.

It was later accelerated under the names Turbo 16K, Astral et Turbo 24K.

Jeux et Stratégie wrote in 1987: a success, a nice device that plays properly.

But it includes a weak software and has only 8 game levels. Here is .

Fotograf: Wallpaper Quad Asse schwarz in der Auflösung 1920 x 1200 Wallpaper Quad Asse schwarz in der Auflösung 1600 x 1200

But it remains weak from the start until the end.

It includes a 16k / 8MHz software with an opening library of 8500 moves and 64 game levels, probably a variant of the 16k / 8Mhz software of the Novag VIP (1987), Primo (1988) and Mentor 16 (1989).

The box is copyrighted 1985 and the user manual 1984.

The same program was distributed on a travel chess board (Cavalier , Portable Advanced Trainer) and with a faster processor (12 MHz) on the Conquistador and Astral models.

The hardware is inside a small box usable as a travel game.

Fotograf: Wallpaper Schwarzes Pik-Ass in der Auflösung 1920 x 1200 Wallpaper Schwarzes Pik-Ass in der Auflösung 1600 x 1200

They have a common user manual.

It includes probably the same software as the Novag Agate because it is referenced 9601 and the Novag Agate is referenced 9602.

It plays a very passive game without making major mistakes.