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However, Russia still lags far behind the United States in total power and many other Western countries in terms of technology, with much of its vast arsenal still made up of ageing Soviet-designed equipment.

They became the rulers of Rus, the city-principality of Kiev and forerunner of the Russian state.

While Americans generally trust "the law," Russians have a tremendous distrust of government, police and the military.

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle compares the two aircrafts.

America's commercial experience and Russia's lack of a mercantile tradition have given the two countries different world outlooks.

Rationale for Using the Movie: Walk on Water presents a story of interest to students learning about the Holocaust and to anyone living in countries resisting terrorism, especially the U.S., Israel, and the nations of Western Europe. The movie will be of special interest to Germans in its exploration of the reaction of young generations to the Holocaust. The story has engaging universal and provides an opportunity to analyze the literary devices of character development, and irony.

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Russia is the world’s leading exporter of natural gas, the world’s leading exporter of weapons, the world’s leading exporter of timber, of non-ferrous metals, and also the world’s second leading exporter of steel, more in all than $100 billion annually of exports.

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Up to one third of Russia’s 23 trillion ruble 2010 to 2020 modernisation programme may have to be postponed or cancelled as a result, according to estimates by the Centre for the Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST).

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Featuring a robotic turret and automated targeting, it is billed as the first Russian tank able to compete with - or even surpass - western models like Britain’s Challenger II and the United States’ Abrams. An ambitious programme calls for over 2000 of the new tanks to be produced in the next five years.

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Forty million Soviet men died in the three cataclysmic events of the Soviet era - 1) the collectivization of the agriculture, 2) the political purges, and 3) World War II [known as ] - creating a severe shortage of men for two generations of women.

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That SIPRI estimate is higher than Russia’s officially published 2014 defence budget of 2.49 trillion rubles - which still makes it the third largest spender in the world behind the United States and China.

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Some examples are: wearing coats in public buildings that have a cloakroom, standing with your hands in your pockets, sprawling in chairs, placing feet on tables, crossing legs while seated so as to show the sole of a shoe, sitting with legs spread wide, crossing arms behind the head, draping an arm over the back of a chair, eating lunch on park lawns, whistling at home or on the street, whistling during applause, public displays of affection, telling a Russian that you have to go to the restroom (you should just excuse yourself), and merely lounging or sitting on the steps of a public building.