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I give students two class periods to gather the research. Some students will need less time and can begin writing, others will need the entire time, and some will stay after school. At first, students can use the Internet and have free-range. I want them to explore the "junk" that they find. Some students will be on the right track in no time while others will need help. Depending on the number of students who need help, I'll either have the ones that found something show the others what they did, or I'll give one-on-one help to those in need. They'll get approximately 65 minutes on the first day and almost the entire period the second day for researching. Because the instruction is differentiated, students will be working at an independent pace and some will begin typing before others. I make deadlines for each stage of the process; after day two of researching, all students will be expected to show their researched materials before they start writing.

For Michel/Othello to make this comparison some thirty years later in the context of O.J.

For this reason, high school English teachers often shy away from his 38 plays and 154 sonnets, among other poems, and students aren't getting a healthy dose of Shakespeare. To compound the lack of usage, those who do teach Shakespeare rarely properly prepare the readers; without a hook1 or proper introduction, students shut down and reject difficult material. Hence, my goal is to bring Shakespeare into the classroom and develop a unit which can be fun, easy, modern, and different.

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Orson Welles offers an opinion of that I share, although doesn't proclaim his notions to be axiomatic.2 He says that is one of the twelve best plays ever written, nine of which, by the way, come from Shakespeare. That's pretty substantial, and given that I trust Welles as an authority on this subject, I'll say that is something worth using in the classroom. There are reasons for this. withstands the tests of time. The themes found in this oh-so-ancient play are oh so relevant today. What's better than racy subject matter when trying to get young people hooked on learning? I actually don't see any other way in getting students to take a second look at Shakespeare, or a first for that matter.

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The first part will present Joseph Conrad's life and some of his works and the latter part will consist of a comparison of two of Conrad's works, Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent.

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Morris and Co. Vol. Shakespeare's Characters: Constance (King John) an analysis of wilson a crusading idealist From The Works of William Shakespeare. 12. J. Evangeline Maria a comparison of othello and king lear by william shakespeare O'Connor. D. . Ed. . . . .

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Most of the strategies and lesson criteria I've unfolded have come from information provided by data. This data is taken from a student testing program in Delaware and is disclosed in the following section of this unit entitled "Objectives." I'm not sure it's valuable information for everyone. It pertains particularly to my situation and the questioning strategies I'm using with my students. This is not to say that the information provided isn't interesting and/or helpful with the other ideas provided. One might pay particular attention to this section, "Objectives," if one were interested in such applications as school policy, district curriculum guidelines, and student demographics. I do not think the content is at all necessary to be able to teach the unit or to apply its concepts to another classroom setting. Something of real value might be the "Lesson" sections immediately after "Objectives." Here I explain in detail a few lessons that I teach as the unit unfolds.

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