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Except for Xavier's comment at this ("Some people, never change") combined with the fact that in the comics SHIELD is known to be easily corrupted if Fury isn't taking care, may mean the opposite.

The first prototype caused no end of trouble for both the X-Men and the Brotherhood.

in Season 2, however, when Lance joins the X-Men briefly, the team have advanced in skill so much that he's unable to keep up with the New Recruits and ends up trailing behind and only just managing to complete a training course.

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Not to mention it's kinda lampshaded: when Alex goes overboard in said storm, he tells Scott to go out and get him himself, rather than call the Coast Guards...

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The writers eventually tried to address these concerns in the last season by bringing it more in line with familiar X-Men storylines, and even teased at the regular comics continuity in the .The show does have the distinction of producing the , and a more openly sympathetic take on the Brotherhood of (Evil) Mutants as a group of street kids instead of absolute evil, and while it isn't responsible for creating /Shadowcat and Kurt Wagner/, this series did help popularize them with non-comic readers (while the didn't feature them much or at all).Here's a for more in-depth bios and tropes of the characters, and also a which .

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Another thing that set this series apart from its predecessor is that it's far more character-driven; time visibly passes during the series and much attention is given to the kids' development.The series started off mostly going with the theme, while later seasons started to get more into the "outcasts and racism" topics that permeated the regular X-Men stories.

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The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.
Mere tolerance has given place to a sentiment of brotherhood
between sincere men of all denominations.
- Helen Keller

When its not, it usually at least slows down the invader and provides enough attention for the X-Men to suit up and deal with it themselves.

After his younger brother begins to manifest his own mutant power, Alex takes Scott to the X-Mansion and reunites with Hank McCoy and Professor Xavier once again. He later accompanied Xavier to visit Moira MacTaggert. Later, when Xavier uses to reach Magneto, takes control of the professor and uses his telepathy to get every nuclear weapon across the globe launched into space. In an attempt to stop him, Xavier orders Alex to "wreak havoc" and Alex destroys Cerebro.Upon exiting Cerebro, Apocalypse and his arrive at the X-Mansion to kidnap a weakened Xavier. In an attempt to stop them, Havok fires an energy blast intended to Angel, but they teleport, causing the projectile to strike a generator. The resulting explosion destroys the X-Mansion, with managing to arrive and save everyone else inside except for Alex, who was killed since he was the closest to the blast.His death struck Scott with grief. When Scott, Jean, and Kurt sneak into the helicopter to Alkali Lake, Scott tells Jean that he should have died instead of Alex, since Alex was the one who was actually going to do something with his life. Jean consoles him, telling him that she had read his mind before and that Alex believed that Scott would do something great with his life.His death had a lasting effect on Scott, causing him to become a hero and an X-Men, to live up to his brother's legacy.

However, when comparing it to the previous X-Men animated series, it definitely falls under this.

Afterwards, Alex and the others relocated to Xavier's Mansion where they began training to defeat Shaw. Xavier had turned an underground bomb shelter into a training room for Alex, setting up mannequins for him to use as targets. Alex on his own is unable to focus and control his energy beams. Hank McCoy constructed a containment unit for him, allowing Alex to focus his energy blasts. After a successful test, he had one built into his X-Men uniform. However, some tension still existed between him and Hank as he mocked McCoy's large mutant feet, comparing them to clown shoes.