Comparing and contrasting Christianity and Islam

Compare Christianity, Islam and Judaism

(In contrast, Judaism did not believe that faith in Jesus, nor even God, provides salvation.) Some interpret the New Testament as teaching that rejection of Jesus as the path to salvation is a willful disobedience and rebellion against God.

Both Jews and Christians believe that there will be some sort of afterlife.

Christians believe that God has established a new covenant with people, and that this new covenant is established in an additional set of books collectively called the , together with the oral teachings of Jesus to the Apostles which have been handed down to this day.

Are Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam

Both Jews and Christians believe in the  of ,  and , the God of the  (Christian , Hebrew Bible), the creator of the universe.

prayer, and God's Grace
Afterlife: Hell, a place of everlasting punishment for the unrighteous, no chance into Heaven from here
Afterlife: Jahannam, a place of torment and fire,one does not have to spend eternity here
Afterlife: Judaism doesn't emphasize the afterlife but there is a place called Gehinnom/Gehenna where people suffer temporary punishment unless they do something horrific that warrants eternal punishment
Jesus is not son of God
Prophet Abraham
Ten Commandments
Services held in Holy building
Judgement Day
No sacred language
Church is a holy building
Both Believe in Hell-like afterlife
Arabic Sacred Language
Mosque is a Holy building
Jerusalem is a Holy city
Hebrew scared language
Syanagogue holy building
Dietary Laws
Sacred Language
Salvation and Damnation
Both tell a story of Jesus's Life
Same basis until New Testament
Believe in A messiah(just not in the same one)
Adam and Eve Story
Founded by Jews
Golden Rule
Treat others as you want to be treated

Those are some differences in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Meanwhile theChristianity and Islam are spreading to
all people in the world and confessed by billions of people.

About God

Judaism and Islam regard there is only one God.

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[Exodus 20:1-3]

Though in Judaism and Islam the Monotheism of God is absolute including ofGod’s essence, in Christianity there is a doctrine named Trinity that says Godexists
as 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are united in one substance orbeing.