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Each organisation, and indeed sub-units within organisations, operate in a distinct communication context governed, not only by organisational goals but individual goals and actions.

 Further examples of e-mail effects in organisations are provided in this section.

Another recent development to increase the effectiveness of electronically mediated communication is sensory predicate matching (Crook & Booth, 1997).

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In a study of how inter-organisational e-mail systems are being used and what factors are related to usage, Kettinger & Grover (1997) found that e-mail has become an important method of broadcast, task and social inter-organisational communication.

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They conclude that e-mail increases access to people and information in organisations, that changes associated with e-mail use are socially as well as technically determined and, when people communicate electronically, work groups become more fluid.

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For example Yates (1989b) described the development of the internal management memorandum or memo, that "traditionally documents intra-organisational communication and identified by its distinct heading" (Orlikowski & Yates, 1994), as a response to the demands of an emerging management style in American organisations at the turn of this century.

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Where management was once by ad hoc oral methods, a new management ideology emerged that stressed the importance of documenting operational processes and establishing flows of written communication for internal coordination and control.

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Yates traced how industrial productivity, expanding mass markets and carbon paper along with new philosophies of management converged to shape a new organisational communication form, the memo (Holmes, 1995).

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They suggested that the introduction of new technologies that alter communication activities in organisations have the potential to influence key aspects of organisational structure and process.