12. "Humor is the affectionate communication of insight." - Leo Rosten

Communicate with everyone, in groups and 1:1.

Building good team spirit is not just a matter of organisingentertainment for the team. As well as the special events, theroutine work of a project typically gives rise to manyopportunities for human interaction - meetings, informaldiscussions, chance encounters, written messages, etc. Each ofthese is an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of the teamby displaying the right attitude and saying the right things.


There will be a range of channels available for communicationwithin the project team and with external participants. Theobjective is to share information, knowledge, thoughts, concerns,feelings, etc in the most efficient way. Remember that peopleoften feel they have insufficient time to read all the writtenmaterial that is sent to them - at least with face-to-facecommunication you can see that they can hear you (but notnecessarily whether they are listening).

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So, how do you ensure that your cognitively diverse team is respecting one another and communicating positively? How do you resolve team disagreements before they become a team conflict?

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In the workplace (and really, in life) misunderstandings between one or more people will inevitably arise. Differences of opinion are based on life experiences, values, needs, interests, or intentions. To disagree is natural; we all have opinions and ways of doing things. That’s one of the reasons why the , which measures a person’s thinking and behaving preferences, can make such a difference in the way a team or an organization operates!

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10. "The two words information and communication are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through." - Sydney Harris

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Two common complaints from project teams are: "too manymeetings" and "not enough communication". Seniormanagement often react to the latter of these by organising moremeetings.

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8. "Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language." - Walt Disney

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The gathering together of people for the practicalities ofworking together is bound to involve a large number and widerange of meetings over the life of a project. In some cases,regular scheduling makes sense in order to overcome naturalreluctance to communicate, to share knowledge, and, inparticular, to admit to failings. Some people inevitably feelthat any disturbance from their main task is unwelcome and/orunhelpful. Group members frequently dislike interaction withothers outside that group.