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It's the knowledge stupid, not the graphics
This is probably a corollary of KISS: The purpose of your presentation is to communicate ideas and information, not to dazzle people with fancy graphics.

When the session is over, you want your audience marching out discussing the ideas you set forth, not talking about the neat graphics, the special effects, etc.

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Effective communication will result in changing the atmosphere within and inspires people to work better towards a common goal. When motivated individuals start working together, the cooperation is increased thus the outcome is also increased.

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Support from managers is also needed to facilitate good communication with children and young people. Managers need to:

Further, it is always important to remember how people feel about . Knowing how people react to learning is vital to planning your communication strategy.

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For young children, activities such as games, writing and drawing help to make the process more child-friendly (Thomas, 2009). To encourage young children to talk it is useful to have a bag containing a few toys, coloured pencils, paper, flash cards and worksheets with happy and sad faces (Thomas, 2009; Dalzell and Chamberlain, 2006). These methods may also be helpful when communicating with a child with a learning disability (Stone, 2001; Stalker and Connors, 2003).

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Motivation is critical to increasing or at the very least maintaining productivity. Knowing how to communicate effectively in order to motivate is a skill that many leaders would like to have. The need to listen and a willingness to understand others is vital in motivation. To stimulate someone into productivity the leader must be able to communicate effectively. A loss in the communication will induce negative emotions thus effecting the motivation to accomplish a desired goal.

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Although the conference is important, the effect of its structure on bereaved family members has not been evaluated in a randomized trial. We conducted a multicenter, randomized, controlled study to evaluate the effect of a proactive communication strategy that consisted of an end-of-life family conference conducted according to specific guidelines and that concluded with the provision of a brochure on bereavement. We hypothesized that this intervention, as compared with the customary end-of-life conference, would decrease stress-related symptoms and symptoms of anxiety and depression in family members 90 days after the patient's death.

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Having a loved one die in the intensive care unit (ICU) is an extraordinarily stressful event. The patient is usually unable to communicate with the family or with ICU staff. Qualitative and quantitative studies of families in this situation have identified effective communication between caregivers and families and support from caregivers throughout the decision-making process as important to family members.