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“Finding Nemo” is a movie that explores the natural phobia of losing a loved one and the adventure of self-discovery that permits Marlin to overcome his phobias.

The Comedy of Errors Presented by the Court Theatre at the Abelson Auditorium, Chicago, ..

"The beginning of this "coming to self"…was the desire to expose the terrible conditions under which Puerto Ricans of this generation had been raised; challenge the assumptions under which these conditions thrived; and re-create the institutions and society that had engendered them" (Jimenez, 188).

The Comedy of Errors and the Meaning of Contract by …

“Comic Structure and the Humanizing of Kate in The Taming of the Shrew.” The Woman’s Part; Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare.

The Taming of the Shrew” has faced many feminist critiques assessing patriarchy, misogyny, woman as commodity, and subordination of woman’s story within a larger, more “serious” frame of class.

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But Shakespeare’s romantic comedy is concerned with the discovery of the inward self, with love as personal, and hence with the relationship of lovers who face together the problem of reconciling liberty and commitment in marriage.(66)