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The development of a Genetics Cognitive Tutor module involves these activities:

• Cognitive Task Analysis. Development begins with a task analysis of the learning goals
in problem solving, the problems posed to students, the knowledge required to solve the problems, and the way(s) students think about solving problems.

• Design and Programming of the Problem Solving Interface. The Cognitive Task Analysis guides the design of the problem solving interface. The goal is to design an authentic environment that provides tools to support the various solution paths students pursue and to scaffold student learning of the challenging task components that are identified in the cognitive task analysis.

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How to Prepare a Task Analysis—(Detailed example is shown in text on pages 63-65). This starts with you being sure you know what you’re doing; being competent to teach others. Once your comfortable with your own knowledge/skill level, you construct the steps necessary for teaching others. And determine what visual support you’ll want and need to conduct the training. The Roman numeral list (I-IX) on page 62 provides a good example of how this might flow together in a series of steps.

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How to Analyze the Training Task—You can’t teach someone how to do anything unless you can first do it yourself. Building the training task is like constructing a blueprint or detailed model/outline of what needs to be covered/taught. Essentially, you lay out what the trainees need to know and how you will go about teaching them.