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We like to finish the year on a high point, and are pretty chuffed with this issue of RealClassic magazine. It may not be big or particularly clever but it does have an awful lot of jolly interesting old motorcycles inside.

The classic collection of Norwegian folktales, here inthe Norwegian language.

Superbikes: A couple of months ago, back in RC126, we discussed early British superbikes. Now Ace Tester Paul Miles reveals his favourite bikes of all time: the Harley-Davidson XLCR, Egli Vincent, Suzuki RG500, Ducati 750GT and Norton Classic

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The September issue of RealClassic magazine is available now; stuffed full of old Brit bikes and an American interloper...

BMW Oilhead Boxer: We hesitate to claim that the R1150R is an emerging classic of anything of that kind. But Frank Westworth has been seduced by the dark side of a civilised Germanic streetfighter

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Velocette Venom Clubman: Ace Tester Miles continues his adventures with iconic classics, pulling them off their precious pedestals and bringing them down to earth with a bump. This time, can he live comfortably with Veloce’s famous sporting single?

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Plus in Buyer’s Eye our ongoing investigation into the old bike market continues, and this time we’re looking at what five grand gets you. What kind of classic motorcycle can you find for £5000? And how do current costs compare with prices from five or more years ago? On top of that, Frank Westworth’s resto of a BSA B25 moves on to wiring and electrics; we’ve highlights from the Compass Challenge; Jacqueline Bickerstaff has further encounters with intriguing three-wheelers; we give away a Flowliner anti-ethanol coating kit, and RC readers talk grease, big singles, student life with a BSA Bantam, and sidestand secrets

It is enough to know about 100 words to survive in a foreign country.

Yamaha XS650: Probably the first successful attempt at a Japanese Bonneville came from Yamaha, whose XS650 has stood the test of time as well as most Triumphs. Frank Westworth was looking forward to test-riding a classic bike with an electric starter. Oh well. Can’t have everything

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Triumph TR65: Every so often, a new, unregistered machine from the classic days turns up, like this brand-new-old short-stroke Thunderbird. They typically command a high price, often to outrage everywhere. Frank Westworth wonders why

Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker

Plus: DavidB recalls the Welsh Three Days Trial, Jacqueline Bickerstaff contemplates the rise and fall of the 350 class, Frank Westworth can’t find any bushes in the forks of his BSA 250, and RC readers tell more sidecar stories, remember Ariel’s Huntmaster and defend Honda’s GB500TT.