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Workers in the aquatic sciences are intelligent and practical, with the high degree of persistence which comes from strong self-motivation. Their motivation usually stems from a strong interest and enjoyment of the work that they do. Going to work is fun! They are usually very responsible people, well organised and able to cooperate and communicate well with the public and their co-workers, both verbally and in writing. A common trait is a love of the outdoors and not minding getting wet! However, prospective researchers should realise that for each hour spent in the field there are many more spent in the laboratory analysing data and writing reports. Besides the theoretical knowledge gained during training, workers in the aquatic sciences usually gain considerable practical experience in other areas. Many become familiar with the handling of boats, SCUBA diving, a variety of sampling equipment, laboratory analyses and experimental techniques, computing and analysing data and writing reports and papers. At the highest management or administrative levels, persons of integrity with the qualities of responsibility, knowledge, insight, skill in decision making and good communicative abilities, are much in demand. Deciding on what career to pursue is an important decision in anyone's life and demands an element of self knowledge. Without previous exposure or practical experience it is often difficult to appreciate what a particular course or career entails and this makes choices difficult, this is why it is often helpful to talk to a professional career guidance officer. He or she is trained to help students to assess their interests and areas of skill and guide them towards careers suited to their particular abilities. Discussing problems or concerns helps the student to reach an informed decision.


Choosing a career in a particular stream or profession right at the beginning has a long lasting impact on a student’s future. It is very important for any student to choose carefully from various options available to him or her vis a vis his or her interest. In order to achieve success, one has to select the path which they like to walk on. Good judgment and right kind of aptitude coupled with guidance in the right direction to pick up a definite stream helps one in choosing the right career option. So from the very beginning a student should be careful in making choice of their stream. As soon as a student reaches 10th standard, some kind of pressure of choosing a career path linger in their mind. Because by then they are at the edge of completing their school life and it is peak time to choose ones career path than ever before.

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As a student in the Master of Science in Accounting Program, he’ll graduate with both bachelor and master’s degrees from an AACSB-accredited school. “I wanted a school with an excellent accounting program and Siena was the perfect fit.”

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Want to be a broadcaster, accountant, administrative guru, cost accountant, chartered accountant, public official, auditor, HR manager or trainer, public relations officer, journalist, sports manager or tour operator, then we have the passport for this career…

At its most basic, biology is the study of life

There are various other courses which students can choose which are indirectly related to Medical / Medicine courses. These are Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicinal Sciences, Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicinal Sciences and Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicinal Sciences.

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Have an appetite for a career in the sciences, engineering and technology, then the University offers students a wide variety of choice. Choose from botany, chemistry, zoology, environmental sciences, physics to a range of IT certificates, diplomas or degrees…

Graduation plays a critical role in shaping one’s professional career

Science stream offers lucrative career options to students after 12th standard. It opens up the career options in Engineering and Medical sciences. The major subjects that are offered in the Science stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Mathematics, Biotechnology, and Computer Science. For anyone who wants to study Engineering has to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and those who want to study Medical sciences has to choose Biology as a main subject. A student has to take at least six subjects including English.