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Eng puts together an informative site that contains many different types of information on China – political, economical, historical and more. The site is broken down into different social studies of China with links to other sites that help broaden the subject. In the History section, Eng discusses the political leaders of China. The site also contains links to other helpful sites in each category that he breaks down China into.

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This is followed by a discussion of the education reforms that have been intended to prepare the labour force of various levels for the challenges of economic globalization.

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“Politics in command” – Beijing’s much-touted slogan that prioritised politics over the economy – resulted in mass rebellions and prolonged struggles that paralysed factories, schools and businesses nationwide. China lost 5 trillion yuan in that decade – more than the value of all fixed assets the state sector had accumulated from 1949 to 1979, which totalled 4.89 trillion yuan – according to then Central Committee vice-chairman Li Xiannian in 1979.