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Researchers at George Washington University analyzing the differences between Broca’s area in humans and a comparable region in primates, believe that although both chimpanzees and humans make use of this brain region, it “ballooned after humans split from chimpanzees,” reported New Scientist.

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Dr Weiss says that the research "vindicates both the view that chimpanzees have personalities and perhaps the more controversial statement that their personalities are quite similar to those of humans."

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Dr Alexander Weiss, senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, who also worked on , agrees that chimpanzee personality is "highly similar" to that of humans.

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If humans were entirely different from all other living things, how would we then live? If we are to eat food to provide nutrients and energy to live, what would we eat if every other organism on Earth were fundamentally different biochemically? How could we digest them and how could we use the amino acids, sugars, etc., if they were different from the ones we have in our bodies? Biochemical similarity is necessary for us to have food!

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One of the most frustrating features of humanbehavior is people's instinct to follow the crowd, even whenthere is no logical benefit in it. This is true, in myexperience, even among the highly educated and those who seethemselves as independent thinkers. It is fine for a childto obey his parents or follow the lead of his oldersiblings, but in adulthood this urge to can generate someamazing absurdities.

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The common ancestor for humans and orangutans is thought to have existed fifteen million years ago, which explains why chimpanzees and humans are more similar in personality than orangutans and humans, says Dr Weiss.

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Previous studies into non-human primates suggest that chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) share these five dimensions with people, whilst orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus and Pongo abelii) display three of the five: extraversion, neuroticism and agreeableness.

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he idea that human beings and chimps have close to 100% similarity in their DNA seems to be common knowledge. The figures quoted vary: 97%, 98%, or even 99%, depending on just who is telling the story. What is the basis for these claims and do the data mean there really is not much difference between chimps and people? Are we just highly evolved apes? The following concepts will assist with a proper understanding of this issue: