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Violent connections: When kids find similarities between themselves and those conducting violence in the media, they feel they should act the same way. If kids feel they have a similar lifestyle or are being treated the same way as a character in a movie, then the child may be more likely to commit the same acts of violence in real life. Children are more likely to feel a connection with characters in books, on television and in the movies.

Here are some tips to help prevent kids from being overexposed to violence in the media:

Reward for violence: This is when the perpetrator is rewarded for the violent acts he or she commits. In most cases, the reward expressed in the media is the lack of punishment. Other acts are rewarded by a crowd cheering or encouraging the person to commit the crime.

7 Ways to Limit Your Child's Exposure to Violence in the Media

Violence in the media can cause adverse behavior among those who may already be prone to violent behavior. According to the , the National Institute of Mental Health had identified the major effects of violence in the media back in 1982. Theses effects could include:

‘Broad Consensus’ that Media Violence Can Lead ..

Through various media outlets, our children are exposed to violent behaviors that are either ignored or rewarded. Depending upon the child, seeing these types of acts allowed without punishment can have a wide range of effects, including leading the child down a road to committing violent acts as a teen or adult.

Media Violence and Youth Pamphlet and Resources

Find out about your school’s violence prevention efforts. Encourage the teaching of conflict-resolution skills and “peer mediation” programs (where children counsel other children). Suggest training teachers in de-escalating and preventing violence.

Violence and Pornography in the Media.

With the introduction of the Internet and new technology making access to other media outlets easier, kids are becoming more exposed to violence that ever before. Kids, and adults too, have instant access to just about any type of violence they can find with a simple click of the button. There are a variety of websites that show step-by-step how to make an explosive device or sites that guide kids to where they can purchase a gun right in their local area.

How Media Use Affects Your Child

There have been many studies conducted regarding the effects of viewing violence in the media, including how children are affected. Some studies have proven how the aggressive nature within in media violence can carry over into real world situations. In some situations the harm that was inflicted on others may have easily been prevented if the person or child had never been exposed to violence in the first place.

and difficulty sleeping may follow exposure to such violence

Preventing kids from seeing media violence is one of the best way to help reduce the risks of them expressing violent behavior when they grow up. Though we cannot fully stop all of the violence shown throughout different media outlets, we can do everything possible to restrict our children’s exposure to it.