Child abuse is the mistreatment of a child.

has been workingon human trafficking crimes and issues for the last 9 years and is alsoa Special Assistant United States Attorney for the district of Oregonfocusing on federal human trafficking crimes. He is the Senior deputyand supervisor of the Multnomah County District Attorney's Drug unitand Human Trafficking Team which oversees the Prostitution CoordinationTeam, the Sex Buyers Accountability and Diversion Program, FirstOffender Program, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children LawEnforcement group, National Sex Trafficking Law Enforcement List Serve,and is the primary prosecutor for all felony prostitution and humantrafficking cases within Multnomah County. He has presented and trainedlaw enforcement, governmental agencies, advocacy groups and the generalpublic throughout the United States on issues related to HumanTrafficking and investigating and prosecuting sex traffickers andbuyers. He has been a Deputy District Attorney since 2005 and has alsoprosecuted felony drug crimes, felony property crimes, violent crimes,sexual assaults, domestic violence related crimes, gang related crimesand homicides.

Society as a whole is also effected by child abuse both in negative and positive ways.

Estimates of the numbers of children who suffer physical abuse or neglect by parents or guardians range from about 1 percent of all children to about 15 percent, and figures are far higher if emotional abuse and neglect are included."(2....

Every year the number of reported cases, and missing children go up.

Child abuse is recognized in several forms; physical, emotional, sexual and neglect.

has beenwith the FBI for 14 years. She has been investigating crimesagainst children for nearly 10 years. The FBI’s crimes againstchildren program is wide-ranging and addresses child exploitationviolations such as sex trafficking, enticement, child pornography,child sex tourism, and missing/endangered/abducted children. SSABiehn is currently the Supervisory Special Agent for the ViolentCrime/Violent Crimes Against Children Squad in Portland, Oregon.

Most attention is paid to this problem of child abuse in the media.

Child abuse is classified into six major types, such as: Neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological maltreatment, medical neglect and other abuse.

During recent years, child abuse has had a rise in the public eye.

Sometimes, if what the parent tells the technologist what happened does not correlate with the pathology seen, then a strong case of child abuse can be made.

The first type of child abuse is physical abuse.

is a LicensedClinical Social Worker and currently serves as the Chief OperatingOfficer. He has been with the Children’s Advocacy Center of CollinCounty since 2000. Dan received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work fromUniversity of North Texas, a Master’s Degree in Social Work from theUniversity of Texas at Arlington, and a Certificate in nonprofitleadership from Southern Methodist University. Dan directs allprofessional services offered to victims of child abuse, familyviolence, and their non-offending family members. In addition, heoversees the Center’s community relations and education programs.

Child abuse is a growing a problem in the United States.

Arguably, child abuse and neglect is a violation of basic human rights of a child resulting from social, familial, psychological and economic factors (Kiran, 2011).

Child abuse can go undetected for many years.

is atwenty-two year veteran of the Carmel Police Department, and over halfof his career has been spent investigating cases involving crimesagainst children. He has been assigned to the Hamilton CountyMetro Child Exploitation Task Force for the last ten years, and duringthat time he has investigated hundreds of cases involving the sexualexploitation of children.