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Meanwhile in 1842 Dickens and his wife Catherine visited the USA. The visit was successful although Dickens annoyed some Americans by attacking slavery. Charles Dickens also visited Italy, Switzerland and France.

 Dickens used the forge at  as the model for Joe Gargary's forge in Great Expectations.

Your explanation and the letters of others and your responses are most informative. What might these books be worth?
The Works of Charles Dickens, The Pocket Volume Edition
Chapman and Hall, London, 1880
Burgundy with tan corners, gold embossed
R. Clay, Sons. And Taylor, Bread Street Hill
In the Preface, the author remarks on the original Preface.
Thank you.

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Dickens, Charles. "Chapter 1." Great Expectations. Lit2Go Edition. 1861. Web. . March 07, 2018.

Charles Dickens left school at the age of 15 and he started work in a solicitors office. However when he was 16 Charles became a journalist. Then in 1833 Dickens had his first story published. It was called A Dinner at Poplar Walk and it was published in a periodical called Monthly Magazine. Then in 1836-37 the first novel by Dickens, The Pickwick Papers was published as a serial. Meanwhile Dickens married a woman named Catherine Hogarth in Chelsea on 2 April 1836. They had 10 children but the marriage was not a happy one. Charles and Catherine separated in 1858.

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Hi! I have a partial set of the original illustrated Library Edition set of Charles Dickens. These are published by Chapman and Hall, London, with a note “printed by William Clowes and Sons Limited, Duke Street, Stanford Street, S.E., and Great Windmill St , W.” The one I pulled out is Great Expectations. It is illustrated by Marcus Stone, 560 pages, with a inked date of 1918. This is hardcover with a green cloth binding, gilded print and black designs. Do you have any idea of it’s worth? Thank you for your website, it is very informative.

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I have a leather bound hard cover of Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations 1867 Chapman and Hall print. I was wondering how rare it is and what its value would be today?

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I wonder if you can help.
I have 13 volumes of Charles Dickens published by Porter and Coates Philadelphia.
They are calf bound with some red marbling on the front and back and red marbled inside covers. They include the volume The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club.
Do you have any idea of their worth please?
Many thanks

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I have a 1909 Charles Dickens Great Expectations book published by the New York Book Company. It is in fair to good condition and I am curious what it is worth. It is a volume 1.

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I am in possession of several collections of books from the lates 1800s. Charles Dickens, 168 of 500, Cruikshank edition, among them. I am a serious seller and would like to connect with someone who could help me sell them.