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Indeed Democrats would claim that the Republicans confuse the "national interest" with the special interests of the upper and upper middle classes which its policies would favor.

The Political Culture of the Democratic and Republican Parties by Jo Freeman

Ours serves all the people of America as individuals." Although this characterization was intended as a stinging criticism of the Democrats, and they would decry it as inaccurate, it does capture an essential difference between the two parties (though not necessarily their governments) which is a direct consequence of the direction of the power flow.

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Nonetheless, it does not follow that the Democratic style lacks any advantages over that of the Republicans.

The national Republican Party has more characteristics of the corporate style and fewer typical of social movements than does the national Democratic Party.
This has been a continuing attribute; the semi-organized chaos seen in the Democratic Party today is not a consequence of contemporary reforms.

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Nonetheless, after the 1984 election saw the Democrats wounded by the accusation that it was a "captive of the special interests" several Democratic Governors and Senators set up an independent Democratic Leadership Council with the goal of capturing the loyalty of Democrats who supposedly left the Party because of this capture.
Insofar as the Republican idea of a national interest can be summed up in a single phrase, it would be the promotion of individual success.

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It has been argued that society as a whole has a cultural and structural "center" about which most members of the society are more or less peripheral." Republicans see themselves as representing the center while Democrats view society from the periphery.

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Although the Republican Party has tinkered with reform, it is not very hospitable to it. Whereas the Democrats are receptive to changing the Party to make it more representative of the populace, Republicans are more concerned with packaging what the Party represents to make it more saleable to the populace.

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He found that Democratic clubs were mass based and stressed intra-party democracy and participation while Republican groups were "leadership-oriented organizations." While he found some explanation for this in the different political philosophies and professions of the typical Republican and Democratic amateur activist he also noted that

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Republican receptions do have one major characteristic in common with Democratic caucuses; they are both places for demonstrating the status of the group and individuals within it.