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A similar position existed with regard to the Lodges holding Warrants from the Grand Lodge of Scotland. In 1878 that grand body wrote to the Master of Elgin Lodge that in opening fraternal relations with the Grand Lodge of Quebec, there was not the slightest intention of recognising any right upon which might be founded a demand for the severance of the ties existing between, it and its daughter Lodge in Montreal. Earlier in the year, the Grand Lodge of Scotland had not only issued Warrants establishing two new Lodges in the Province of Quebec, but had also appointed a Provincial Grand Master. The Grand Master of Quebec (M.W. Bro. Sir Melbourne M. Tait) at once issued a Proclamation declaring such action an unlawful invasion of Quebec's jurisdiction, and suspending intercourse between the two grand bodies. In 1881 the three Scottish Lodges surrendered their Warrants to the Grand Lodge of Scotland and took new Warrants from the Grand Lodge of Quebec. A Special Communication was held on January 27th, 1881, and the Grand Master informed Grand Lodge of the basic principles of settlement. The Masters of the three Lodges, their Officers and Brethren were then admitted and after mutual congratulations on the settlement had been exchanged, the Masters and Wardens took their seats as members of the Grand Lodge of Quebec.

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Legal Changes
(a) Upon receipt of a certified copy of a court order changing the birth record of a person born in this State and upon request of such person or his or her parent, guardian, or legal representative, the State Registrar shall record the changes by:
...(4) preparing a new certificate showing the information ordered by the court when the State Registrar deems that the nature of the amendment so requires.
After preparation of a new certificate pursuant to Section 37(a)(4), the existing certificate and court order upon which the new certificate was based are to be sealed and placed in a special sealed file.

Filiation: the Legal Link Between Parents and Children

We recommend that you submit this request either before or at the same time as your gender marker change request.

The has created a form that enables it to forward information relative to a person’s change of name or, if applicable, change of designation of sex not only to the and Retraite Québec for the Québec Pension Plan and the Child assistance measure, but also to the , the . This form is included with the change of name application. Consequently, if the change of name takes effect, the can notify these organizations, freeing you of the need to take steps with them regarding the change. You will not have to provide them with a change of name certificate and a new birth certificate as proofs of the change.

Grande Loge du Québec - Grand Lodge of Quebec

There was some question whether Ohio will even change the name, but latest information tells me that name change can be done through the Division of Vital Records with a court order.

Grande Loge du Québec - Grand Lodge of Quebec ..

The Provincial Grand Mastership of His Royal Highness Prince Edward, who was created Duke of Kent in 1799, lent great prestige to the "Ancient" Masons, and eventually the "Modern" Masons were completely eclipsed. In his first year of office he granted seven Warrants, one of which was to Dorchester Lodge at St. Johns, now No. 4 on the Register of Quebec. In his second year three Lodges were warranted, among them Select Surveyors' Lodge, opened at Quebec, but later moving to Missisquoi Bay, where in 1795 the first Masons in the Eastern Townships were initiated. This Lodge changed its name to Prevost in 1812, and continued an active life until the formation of the Grand Lodge of Quebec, when the members divided on the question of joining the new body.

One Hundred Years of Freemasonry in the Province of Quebec

The fee is not refundable if the request is refused.

Formerly, a change of name to one of the opposite gender required a legal gender reassignment.