The nursing profession didn’t take off until the 19th century.

Clinical, administrative, and academic experts have developed standards of nursing practice. The most widely accepted one is American Nurses Association (ANA) 2004 within this document there are standards of professional performance and standards of practice.

Just think of everything that nurses of the future will learn and accomplish.

As more health professionals continue to educate themselves through masters, doctorates and fellowships, many nurses do not enter the work force with a bachelor’s degree.

Professionalization of nursing

Similar to many traditionally female professions, the percentage of male in nursing is small.

Hospitals offer flexibility in terms of hours and schedules. Many hospitals, such as MGH and North Shore Medical Center, will provide benefits as long as nurses work at least 20 hours per week. Some older nurses work shorter shifts of 4-to-6 hours, some even "retire" and then come back as part of a growing pool of "per diem" nurses. Others change direction into less demanding work.

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At the same time, a potential shortage of nursing staff—particularly highly qualified nurses—needs to be addressed to prevent compromising patient care.

the nursing profession currently is ..

Throughout the history of the nursing profession, nursing care provided in patients’ homes was preferable. Only people who didn’t have family nearby sought nursing care at hospitals. Religious communities founded the earliest hospitals during the Middle Ages. Nuns and monks established care for the sick poor in hospes, which were facilities located near churches or monasteries that provided nurturing and palliative care. The words hospital and hospice are derived from this term. The Christian faith stressed personal responsibility for one’s health and for others, which was reflected in the care of the sick.

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With the graying of the work force, what's called Safe Patient Handling has become a huge issue. U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics show an increasing number of nurses with injuries blamed on lifting patients. Nurses have even higher injury rates than construction workers, with 12 nurses out of every 100 in hospitals and 17 out of 100 in nursing homes reporting muscular-skeletal injuries, including back injuries - nearly double the rate for all other industries combined.

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Not only have dress code and practice standards changed but the way populations and individuals view nurses as professionals has changed.

Before the 1800s many nuns and lower class women were giving care to the sick and destitute.
However as noble as this seems, many of these women were uneducated alcoholics.
This was not a group of people that many trusted with their lives.
Today as a profession we are faced with the media portraying nurses as a sex symbol.
Negative images of nurses being thought of as sex symbols pop up in media such as movies, advertisements, and magazines.